Moon in Scorpio – The truth will set you free

The Moon in Scorpio finally lifts the veil of self-denial and will make you look at all that you been hiding for too long. No excuses, no way out. It is real, it is raw and it wants to be seen. Scorpio energy is a very powerful force to transform your life for the better. Or for the worse, that is completely up to you and your final resistance of letting go. It is all in or all out, if you play the game or not.

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Your greatest enemy these days is your own shadow and it will follow you wherever you go. No longer we can say that we were blinded by the light but the unspoken wants to be told, the suppressed wants to set free and the dark is waiting for your call.

We might feel very drawn to the occult, mystic and all that is hidden and somehow forbidden these days. The desire to explore, cut open and honestly see what is there is not for the weak. Only the brave will find strength through the Scorpio Moon days while the others will play the game of hide and seek. You might feel like running away to places you have never been before only to escape the finger that is pointing at you.

Asking, questioning why you doing this or that? And when you finally will change?

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If we want it or not, these few days in Scorpio Moon again will bring to the surface what we brushed off, washed away or just denied along the way. It is that uncomfortable feeling of something is not quite right, paired up with the power of “I will find out what that is!” Yes, exactly no time for playing the victim but taking back our power. Rage if you have to, break out, up or free if you need to and furthermore…finally..finally cut away what no longer serves you.

The Scorpio is a deep-thinker and even more a dig-deeper into the hidden truth of the darkest moments.

What is it that you hide from yourself? What is it that you don’t want to tell anyone? What is it that makes you cry, angry or even hate when you look into the mirror? Who are you when you release the social mask you wear all day? What if you stop playing the game of false kindness and replace it with truthfulness?

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Scorpio Moon days are very intense and won’t let any stone unturned, we are searching for something and we are convinced we will find it. No time for false play, time wasting conversations or a talk about the weather. We want it all and we want it now. The Scorpio knows about his power and is ready to use it. If that use of power and control is for the best of others or the worse depends on the integrity we have within ourselves. If we have worked through our shadows then we will not fear the dark but if we still shallow and superficial than these days will remind us what is really important.

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If we can we should avoid any arguments these days and use the Scorpio energy for integration of parts within ourselves. Offence is the best defence the Scorpio claims and shows us his sting sometimes far to soon. Personal attacks are more likely and we can try just to face another direction than get hit on the other cheek as well. So if we seek for some peace and quiet best is to stay away from people and retreat a while for ourselves. To make the best use of this energy we should dive deeper not swim wider into the unknown of the open sea.

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Scorpio is often associated with death and transformation and even it doesn’t literally mean physical death it definitely brings up some fundamental questions and fears. What if we don’t have the power? How can we accept things as they are? What happens if we die? How I am dealing with my human vulnerability?


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On a more physical level Scorpio in Moon rules the sexual organs and the ureter. It is important that we prevent ourselves of getting cold feet or sit on cold or wet surfaces.

We might also feel a heightened sexuality during those days and should find ways to live and express those desires. Sexual energy can be a very powerful and creative force to give birth to the hidden aspects of ourselves. Painting, writing but any creative process that activates the inspiration from within are very good on these days.

Scorpio Moon days are stated as water days which not only means that is very beneficial to drink a lot of clean and fresh water. But also the air will be full of “hidden” moist and that can creep deep down into our bones, so even its a sunny day, don’t underestimate the Scorpio with its hidden aspects.


Women who are pregnant should avoid any kind of efforts or stress these days as miscarriages are more likely during this period of time.

Collect Herbs

Its a very good time to collect any kind of herbs for storage. Alternative treatments that deal with problems around the bladder, ureter and sexual organs are very beneficial on Scorpio Moon Days.

Herbs that are good for the kidneys and ureter to flush through and cleanse are:

  • Parsley
  • Dandelion Root
  • Marshmallow
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric
  • Celery

Good days for shamanic healing

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Any deep shamanic healing session that deal with problems around death, power and traumas to do with abuse are more than likely bring up deep transformational powers. Intensity in all areas can be found around these days.

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We might also feel drawn to self-destructive behaviour, angry or doubting thoughts are highlighted in that phase. Observe yourself during the process, get in touch with your higher self and ask for some guidance. But don’t suppress the truth seeking energy of Scorpio days as there is truth in his words, a power in his search and meaning to its actions. Clarity. Honesty. Transformation.

At the end only the truth will set you free, could be a great motto for Scorpio days – make use of it.

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Scorpio Moon Days for 2018 are:

Feb: 7/8 March: 6/7 April: 2/3/4/30 May: 1/27/28

June: 23/24 July: 21/22 August: 17/18 Sept: 13/14/15

Oct: 11/12 Nov: 7/8 Dec: 4/5/6

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