The Year of the Rooster – GO Big or Go Home! Or go somewhere else…

We finally made it, another year around the sun and the first New Moon has arrived to welcome the Chinese New Year. The Year of the Rooster will be everything and definitely not boring.

With a Big Bang just after the American Inauguration we “Trump-et” into another exciting adventure into 2017 “Go Big or Go Home!”

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And we will certainly feel this all year along. The Rooster, is a confident and pride creature and he knows about it. His sense for details are more than just a facet – it has to be perfect – and he means it.

No messing about with this Chinese Zodiac animal but clear defined goals that want to be achieved. For this reason the Rooster likes to get up early just to get things done. It will be done properly but once out-of-the-way, the rest of the day can be spent with more amusing activities than work. In general the Rooster can accept other animals or even people, he can be very generous once you won his heart. But till that will ever happen the Rooster will test you and observe you. Nothing is more a waste of energy for the Rooster than people who can’t compete with him. Not that he would know everything but the things he knows about are most certainly researched into detail and clear of any doubt.

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The Rooster likes to be seen and aims for the stages of the world where he can be celebrated. And people will celebrate him because it is hard to find something that doesn’t shine on a Rooster. Charismatic, funny and flirty by times the Rooster finds its way to the top. And this is exactly where he belongs but only he and no one else. The Rooster likes to be a leader and will never misuse the trust people once put into him because this would hurt his own pride and the self-image of the noble person he is. And indeed the Rooster is noble but only to those who are close to him. With others the Rooster can have a laugh or can appear detached but with certainty he is always listening to what another has to say. That doesn’t mean the Rooster would agree but offers a fair chance to everyone.

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This year we will experience the need to express ourselves openly. We might will feel more confident and outgoing than normal just to test the ground. We should be carefully watch how we spend our money as the Rooster tend to spend a lot more than he possess. Only because he deserves it and spending money without limits is just as cool as a bungee jumping if you enjoy free falls. If not watch your expenses and don’t take on another credit card or mortgage!

The Rooster will give us many situations in which we can take the lead and experience our own confidence or lack of confidence. If so we should slowly work towards it and find ways to gain what we have not enough of to finally truly be ourselves. The Rooster is about finding our own path and walk it with dignity. It doesn’t mean that it will happen from today or tomorrow but it means that we have the determination to work on it because it seems clear in sight.

Unfortunately the Rooster also has personality traits that can also cause a bit of a problem if we are sensitive to it and that is OVER THINKING! Yes, the Rooster likes to think and sometimes he over thinks, what would be so clear if he only would listen to his own feelings. Exploring our own intuition, finding our own voice this is what 2017 will all be about and should be all about.

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The Rooster doesn’t like a noisy or fast changing environment because he prefers the solitude of a safe haven. In our personal lives that might can mean that we should give ourself time to grow into things naturally rather than keeping up with the pace of 2016. Everything will be accomplished – even if we lay back and breath in. The Rooster likes to live the Good Life and adores anything that can add something to it.

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In perspective on environmental situations that could mean that more and more people will realize that a healthy well-being comes from a healthy eating and living. We more ask for fresh air and organic food. We more concerned about the quality of products and if they are fair trade. Inventions can be made this year that will change our course of time forever for the better. The Rooster is outspoken and loves competition therefore an adventurous and creative spirit will dwell with us this year. To a certain extend the Rooster can easily lose its temper from one second to another, this can lead to unexpected changes in our lives or the world. But the emotions are real and the Rooster would never pretend anything that he is not.

No matter what kind of crisis might before us this year, we can be sure that we will make it through it. Giving up is definitely not something the Rooster is familiar with and he will hold on to things that are important to him. The Roosters Personality brings him many friends from all over the world because he truly has an open mind and is interested in the other. Just now and again even a busy Rooster needs some solitude and peace and will disappear for a while.

May this year bring us the clarity we so were looking for, the strength we didn’t knew we had and the ability to open our minds to new ideas.

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We are motivated…confident…and ready to change the world. And in all this let us not forget that sometimes we should think before we act.

So here we have it…2017 – GO Big or GO Home!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!

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