What are the Clairsenses? (video)

The Clairsenses describe our heightned senses -> Psychic Abilities/Faculties/ Senses. These senses can be trained and improved to receive electromagnetic information from another person but also to fine tune ourselves into a frequency far beyond our physical senses.

It takes years of training to understand not only the information that are coming through us with our Clairsenses but also to learn to understand them properly. Everyone was born with psychic faculties but not everyone is aware of them or knows how to us them in a benificial way.

This video might add some clarity about a subject that has been associated with Supernatural Powers or Phenomena. Lifting the veil of illusion and understanding the scientific point of view is as much as important as understanding oneself.

The links are mentioned in the video are the following provided for anyone who wants to do some more research on that subject.

and another one…http://www.parapsych.org

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