Psychic Abilities, do I have them too? (video)

Many people ask me about psychic abilities, what are these abilities? How we use them? Does it mean someone is destined to be a medium?

With many years of training and experience working as a medium and healer I think I got a lot of understanding what psychic abilities are and what they can be used for. I really want to play an active part in educating people about psychic abilities so they can explore their personal potential. Far too long there has been a certain misunderstanding been placed on the abilities that are located in all of us. In addition to that I also truly believe that there is a lot of misuse of these abilities out there and that will give our natural given gift a bad reputation. I truly feel that it is time to lift the veil of illusion and dive deeper into the truth of ESP. ( Extra Sensory Perception)

Psychic abilities do have many forms and possible expressions, in this series I would like to explore..what is possible and where do we get from here. We want to build a solid foundation of understanding and develop a healthy sense and responsibility to do with these Extra Sensory Perception, for ourselves and others.

Not everyone is meant to be a medium or a healer, but still everyone can benefit from exploring and training of psychic abilities.

This is the first video of a video series I will do to spread the knowledge about psychic abilities, mediumship and healing.

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