The art of manifestation ‘DECODED’ by Sukirat Kaur Bahra

Manifestation and magic are interrelated concepts. It rules are life so subtly, that, at times we are unaware of its presence. To manifest means, to recite something with such powerful intent that it materialises (negative or positive). In magic, spells are used as magical charm to cause the state of enchantment. These concepts are intertwined in a way that we approach them with complete different understanding.

There are various ways to manifest. Some write down their wishes and bury them in the earth, others perform rituals on new/full moon, affirmation is also a great way to manifest, the list can go on and on. For some nothing works and they just give up on the process.

Let’s start by asking a question to ourselves,” how does things manifest?” or “How manifestation works?”. Our brain is divided into two parts conscious (left side) and subconscious (right side). Subconscious is responsible for 80% of our mental activities. On the other hand, conscious governs 12% of our activities. We use conscious mind in our daily life through reasoning, choices, logics and rationalisation. Whereas, automatic processes, such as, heart rate, respiration, body temperature, automatic thought processes (riding a bike, tying your shoe laces, driving a car etc.) are functions of subconscious. here if you have noticed, our subconscious can be trained by “Repetition”. These are also known as motor actions and can be repeated numerous times to train our right side of the brain. Coming back to the question,” how manifestation works?”. Manifestation happens when we are able to put across our ideas to the subconscious. Now either we can do this my constant repetition or using Alpha state of sleep.

Alpha is more day dream like condition or we can say it feels like light hypnosis, such state can also be attained while meditating. In such state creativity is at its peak. When alpha waves take over us our power to manifest is at its peak because we are well connected with our subconscious. Knowingly or unknowingly we tap into Alpha waves in our daily life. It happens so naturally that half of the time we are unaware about it, for e.g., if someone walks into the room while we are watching TV or reading a very interesting book, we tend not to notice that person because of our involvement in that particular activity, this is an Alpha zone (light hypnosis). Men are more likely to experience it as compared to woman. Women are multitaskers. Subconscious is an autopilot, but can switch to conscious if you need to rationalise or make logical decisions.

Our conscious and subconscious are like see-saw. During the day our conscious is on the upper side, when we sleep subconscious takes over. So during Alpha state, both sides of the brain are in perfect balance and is in perfect position to trigger our ideas into subconscious. Here another question arises,” Why after all this still nothing happens?”. While manifesting we encounter two types of thoughts; major thoughts and sponsoring thoughts. How we hold on to the major thought decides the success of our intentions. For instance, If I tell you that you can earn £10,000 a day, followed by a motivational lecture to convince you. You will feel super excited, will be totally in sync with my energy and thoughts, at some point ready to work towards that idea (major thought). But then, as the days will pass, the enthusiasm will start declining, you will start to feel how impossible this is, find excuses (sponsoring thought). Here we see that our major thought is written off my sponsoring thought. What we now need to do it replace sponsoring thought by positive ideas/thinking.

Our conscious is like a filter. It will use logic/rationalization to accept or reject. When it rejects we need to replace that by acceptance of major thought (remember “repetition”).

You all must be thinking that, not everyone can go into Alpha zone or be there forever. Well yeah, we can’t be in meditative or dream like state even light hypnosis forever. But what we can do is, tap into that energy and be in there forever. So, how shall this be done? Answer is through “Repetition”. I want you to remember when you were learning how to drive a car. After series of training and testing you were finally awarded driver’s license. Similarly practicing how to be in Alpha zone will help you tap into it whenever you want.

However, if you think manifestation is only done by subconscious, then you are limiting yourself. Remember right side and left side of the brain are part of yourself and you can access it in whatever way you want. In short, you are the master.

This is Enlightment, where by your mere thinking things happen.

Sukirat Kaur Bahra the Co-founder of Blossom of the Soul is a Past Life Regression Therapist , Angelic Reiki healer, master, teacher and practitioner. Her sessions are done through Skype or in person. If you have any further questions or want to book a session with Sukirat please have a look here….

Article inspired by :- Ankkeet Parek

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