Healing with Crystal Bowls

Soundhealing is a very powerful healing modality in which the vibration of the sound has been used to change the energy in one’s body, mind and spirit.

Soundbaths or Soundhealing works with the energetic field of our bodies. Through the different vibrations of the crystal bowls it is possible not only to bring the energy system back into balance. Furthermore this healing technique can help to release deep-seated energetic blockages. Deep relaxation as well as a feeling of peace are the immediate results that we gain from a soundbath. There are many different types of soundhealers and every one of them works a little bit differently.

Normally a Soundbath can be done with quite a few people, all of them laying down comfortably on the floor. There are also possibilities of One-to-One Healing sessions with Soundbath in which the healer only focus on the person who needs to be healed and his/her problems.

In a soundhealing session the healer can use buddhist singing bowls, crystal bowls as well as all sorts of drums and other high vibrating instruments to make the soundbath a magical experience.

A Soundbath can be a life changing experience and should not to be missed if there is an opportunity arising near you.

Enjoy and Relax.

(featured image – celticschoolofsoundhealing.com)