The standing rock Movement by Julie Jurgan

“Stand like a rock and show the world who you are.” This could be a new inspirational slogan for a global movement to change the world.

Since the last outrages protest against the planned oil pipeline through a native american reservation the world got another wake up call. No longer we want to see the big corporations and the profit orientated government rule over us. Yes we are ready to stand up and show them that we have enough. Hundreds of people protest and thousand others stand in solitary with Standing Rock as a sign to protect drinking water, nature and the urgently needed resources of the Sioux Tribe in Dakota.

More and more people seem to care what is wrong in the world and no longer want to accept what is. The time has come to realize that no longer we will accept the suppression of minorities, the useless destruction of nature just to make the rich even richer. We are angry and we are going to show that – we will raise our voices for injustice.

We will make our way to standing rock, we will comment on Facebook and we will watch the space. We will feel, we will hear and we want to be seen.

But within all this we should not forget that first of all – Standing rock is not the first oil pipeline and will not be the last to destroy sacred land. All over the world there are atomic powerplants, oil pipelines, factories are being build to feed the demand of a generation with the hunger for more. It’s not only sacred land over there in Dakota at the native american reservation but everywhere in the world. Nature is in danger in every single corner on this planet and its time to understand who is responsible for its destruction but also for its protection.

This is us.

The same people who are against the pipeline in standing rock are driving cars, use laptops and smartphones, go shopping everyday and can’t live without electricity. As much as we angry about the planned oil pipeline in Dakota we need to become aware that we are the consumers of the oil that is going to be found.

Maybe not in Dakota but anywhere in the world. We are complaining about big heartless companies and corporations and totally forget that they only get rich because we buy their products.

So if we really want to show up and make a long-lasting difference in the world than we have been asked to start with ourselves. Standing in solitary with the people living at standing rock means to change our lifestyle. Yes we got the power, yes we should stand up but yes we also should take responsibility for what is going on in the world.

So what can we do to support the Movement that has been started by the protest at Standing Rock?

First of all it is important that we become aware that oil is nearly in every product. From technology to cosmetics, every single item that is made of plastic contains at least of part of oil. Using cars and airplanes might be the most obvious use of oil as such. But don’t underestimate the plastic shopping bag, the polyester shirt you wear or the chocolate you so love in which every single piece is wrapped up individually.

Oh while we are talking about oil at the moment…what about the trees? How much waste of paper do we have every single day only when we go to toilet? How many books end up in the bin after we read them and how many tissues do we use for a visit in a fast food restaurant?

So whats the plan then? What can we do about all this? How can each one of us make a difference in the world?

1. Use more public transport then your own car. Offer and share lifts. Take your bike or walk instead of a quick drive to the supermarket.

2. Use your own shopping bag. Buy vegetable and fruits unpacked and locally if possible. Avoid as much plastic material where you can. Dont buy stuff that is individually packed. Buy products that are in glass containers rather than plastic.

3. Try to find the closest healthstore near you and find out if they have cosmetics and toiletries that are organic and non oil based. Make suggestions to have a fill up for shampoo and washing liquid to avoid plastic packing.

4. Recycle and reuse as much as possible.

5. Make group orders with your friends via the internet for organic and sustainable products.

6. Change from long distance travels to short distance ones. Especially when you could go by train instead of the airplane.

7. Grow your own food. Start an allotment. Suggest a community garden or farm to people in your area and to people you know. Go out there and start something.

8. Avoid bargains especially products imported from china and other third world countries. Because most of these companies don’t look after human rights and dont pay fair salary to their workers. Instead go organic, fair trade and local.

9. Buy secondhand technology, books, clothing. Thats not only cheaper but also helps to reduce the waste we create by running after every trend.

10. Avoid polyester clothing, fabrics and materials. Instead look for organic cotton or hemp produce.

11. Support local artist and crafters as well as any local produce.

12. Save energy in your home. Sign petitions against fracking and anything that is not renewable energy.

13. Get a mindset to rather have less stuff but ecological/sustainable produce than accumulate a lot of possessions.

These are just a few ideas that can become a “real” statement for your lifestyle and at the same time for a powerful change. Yes you matter and yes you count.

Be like Standing Rock and show the world that you not taking any bullshit anymore.

Dress up. Show up. And let the world know who you are and what you stand for.


So much love,



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