Dear Mr. Trump – I hope you can sleep tonight by Julie Jurgan

Dear Mr. Trump,

my congratulations to your successful election as the new american president.

I hope you can sleep tonight…this is a very great day in your life. Millions of americans voted for you and stood up with their belief in your words. Wow, what an honour to be trusted by millions of people.

But not only millions of americans are looking at you at the moment, also millions of other people all around the world. Wondering what your election means to the change of their lives? That must be one of the greatest days in your life. Your face glances all around the globe, everyone is listening to your first speech – about how you are going to change the world.

Really? And that all by yourself?

You must be superman or something else, as no one in history before was able to do that.
And all of the others had good intentions too. The ending of poverty and homelessness. Food & Education for everyone. Equal rights and fair salary. Health-insurance and peace on earth.

You said that you are going to think of every american. Wow Mr. Trump that is so generous of you! More people should think about each other rather than themselves.

I hope that you also think about all the people who are going to die if you agree to the next war.

I hope you also will think about the people in third world countries who still starve to death only for the growth of your economy.

I hope you think about all the pollution when you shake hands on TV all around the world.

I hope you will be able to sleep at night while millions of american try to survive while putting their trust, hope and their future life in your hands.

I hope you will think about racist comments you said – next time when a foreigner delivers your imported goods. Serves you dinner or cleans your toilet.

Oh Donald, I really admire you, you must be so full of confidence to put all this responsibilities on your shoulders.

You know, even I have trouble sleeping at night when I think of all the people living on the streets.

Even sometimes when I get these days when I feel so insignificant in this world. Thinking who am I believing I could change the world? I mean what does my opinion, decision or action count?

But then I see you and I feel, wow …there is really someone dreaming even bigger than I do. Someone who really believes in himself.
And millions of americans do that too. Thats incredible!

Only one thing Mr. Trump that I really need to mention…your marketing is great…you got that…really…but the message…I wish you would have said: That the people should not believe in you – but in themselves!!!!

Having a vision is one thing – telling a lie is another.

Because as we both know as human beings – one day we all wake up – from our dream.


I hope Mr. Trump you can sleep tonight and keep on smiling when you finally realize – America is reality – not just a fucking dream.

sincerely yours,

An awakened



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