Monthly Women Group in Redcar

Introducing the Lighthouse Women’s Group. We aim to meet monthly & the first gathering is on Friday 4th November 7-9.30 pm cost £15 per session.

” Into the Deep “
We invite you to share, support, listen, connect, empower, inspire & learn to hold space for yourselves & each other. We intend to address issues such as feeling undervalued & overworked, explore each & everyone’s dreams & potential…

Also to discover your own creative authentic centre with grace & ease this involves examination of the relationship you have with yourself and it’s limitations. We can explore together our innate intuition our potentional fruitfullness & abundance & Soul singing… Our goal is to find the tools to enable empowerment & purpose. To free the wild woman, not wild as in out of control but as in its original sense meaning natural one, explore our innate integrity & healthy boundaries & learn how to let go of things gently that no longer serve our Soul’s purpose.

We would like to celebrate our Soul’s innate capacity to create & heal & introduce some of the methods we have at our disposal such as Meditation, Mindfulness, Tarot, Crystals, Colours, Essential oils & Herbs. We will look at different Spiritual practices which can also reconnect you to yourself.

Why not come along & meet old & New friends, bring whatever you have to offer, your time, your experience, your wisedom, your concerns, your anger, yourself & your listening ear… your shoulder to lean on but most importantly bring your heart & Soul: no matter what condition.

Each & everyone of you is important & we are looking forward to welcoming you into our Womans group.
Love & Blessings
Julie & Carole

To book your place  please ring the Lighthouse Therapy Centre on 01642 – 956560

IMG_20151206_132341Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul,  is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a lookhere.




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