Akasha Poems – by Aj Eihwaz

In every realm of existence, there are species, of beings from dimensions of different senses beyond.
When dealing with people understand, we all are in are tuned dimensions. However so critical, we do combust or compute.
The spark of intention comes from the realms, we are in.
combining the mix on mind, body, soul.
From sexual energy, heart or mind.
From survival fear, to harmonious enjoyments.
The forces of other people,the emotional script of your past.
The internal mage of reason.
you cannot meet a challenge, unless you meet its dimension.
you cannot reach people, an audience or singular, until you seek their dimensions,then you rise into the many world.
To be a true healer, one must seek to be a polymath.
To be an isolated centaur of consciousness, half man, half horse riding into wisdom.
love meets ingenuity.
Frustration is trying to meet a dimension,from another one.
pushing at a current of change,when it isn’t the time,or you are not in that dimension yet.

The medicine of the mind.

Manipulators need more minds, in their dimensions to build their dreams.
Corporations living in the monarch, of their dream family agendas.
To be prosperous share in a united dream, that also caters the individuals. Everyone is part, of the cosmic brain.
Each a cell in a membrane, each a function, that facilitates the entirety, of the mechanism.
cross-breed in the pure.
from science,magic, herbal healing, ritual and so on.
Remember to seek the true dimension,of your actions.
some ways a bit arbitrary .
The coin flip of choice.

Free will meet astrology, meets physics.
colonize your dimensions.
create the new waves.
seed new thought.
watch it grow then.
materialize the internalized.

ajMy name is Anthony James Deluise I am a tarot reader, past life reader and a certified reiki healer. I also work as spiritual guide, dream interpreter, akashic records librarian and overall clairvoyant. I have studied various spiritual teachings and crafts. My knowledge reaches from buddhism, sufism, hermetic science, wicca,shamanism and many methods of healing.

If you are on a path to unlock hidden potential your soul career or depressed and looking for some spiritual gudiance then you should contact me.

I do online readings as well as distance healing.

My charges are  50$ for a healing/reading session but also for house cleansing and any occult advice. To know is to heal and to heal is To know.

For any enquiries please contact AJ via his reading facebook group here…


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