Julie Jurgan – The law of dharmic direction (video)

The law of dharma is not easy to describe as it is based in the buddhist/hindu belief system. I tried to step away from any religious belief and still tried to make sense of something that is so hard to describe but easy to feel.

The law of dharma resonates with us when we are ready to live our full potential. When we are ready to step forward into a new direction of self-expression. What is it that we want to do after we have found ourselves.

How do we want to make us of our talents and potential and how can we be of benefit for society and others? What happens after we have found our potential? Do we need to follow it or is there any other way to explore something that we might feel drawn to but never been brave enough to explore.

What role plays karma in the process of dharmic direction? How much should the thought of karma influence our decision when it comes to the expression of the soul?



Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul,  is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a lookhere.




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