Hello from Spirit – Real Life Story

For 22 years I worked for the NHS as a Personal Assistant / Secretary for the Directors and Chief Executives.  I just adored my role which I lived and breathed

for.  Because I cared so much and encouraged other members of staff I would receive letters from the Houses of Parliment saying thank you.

The part of the NHS we worked for everyone was so happy, we all became a family and the years just seem to roll into one, but we had all forgotted the golden rule that nothing last forever.

One day I was working away within the Office Laughing, joking and creating a very happy atmosphere and then i started to day dream.  Within my day dream I was getting onto a train and travelling down to London.  I was within the Houses of Parliment trying to say please dont do this.  And then the day dream just drifted away and I couldnt remember what it was I was pleading for.

Then six months it all started there was a new direction that the Government wanted to take and myself and all my work colleages after nearly a life time were going to be made Redundant. The top Directors tried to save my role and to keep me with them but each time I slipped through the net.  One Director worked so hard to try and keep me within them and told me not to worry.

I went into Town with all this angry and hurt which I was going through. As I matched through the Town centre my right fist was banging my left hand.  And then it started this foreign language just to seem to keep flowing out of my mouth, which is so strange because I only speak one language and have trouble speaking that.  I just couldnt stop the words flowing.  ” Mushe Ma Shlomkha, Mushe Ma Shlomkha”

I started to laugh to myself because I had no idea where this was coming from.  So like normal people I decided to ignore and carry on shopping.  I went down stairs within the basement shopping food area to purchase my lunch.  And like most day once I paid for my lunch started to eat this lunch whilst walking back up the stairs.  But today was different I could sense my dad who had passed away 3 years before stood at the top of the stairs.  He was smiling at me and I could sense he was holding up his thumb as to say, good news.  My heart just dropped  because I knew what this meant and what my fathers ways would have been.
Within my heart I knew my time was up and my beloved job after 22 years had gone and I was about to receive a very big pay off.

I went back into my office, took a deep breath and just looked at the phone and waited and within seconds the rang.  It was the Personal Officer to say that I had just been made Redundant and to make arrangements to receive my payoff.

So as I left the office that evening knowing that my life was about to change I did what all women do,  I put the biggest smile on my face as I walked into the family home to tell them my news.  They were all delighted to have me finallly at home and I was needed to help with my very poorly Auntie who had just had here leg Amputated and my poorly Uncle.

Later that evening I told my Mother about the foreign language ( Mushe Ma Shlomkha). To my surprise my mum understand perfectly.  She explained that when she lived abroad as a little girl she had an Uncle call Morris but when you translate to Hebrew is (Mushe).  So we both then google what Ma Shlomkha which
translates to (How are you doing) LOL

So I started my new life as a Carer for my Auntie and Uncle who lived in a 500 year old stone cottage.  Wondering if I had done the right thing then moving old boxes a very old letter dropped out of the box , then letter was 50 years old and when reading it at the top of the letter it said in English, “Hope you are all doing  well, love Uncle Morris (Mushe).

Within my mind I knew that I was in the right place to try and help.

debbieMy real name is Debbie. Seven years ago whilst visiting a National Trust park I met an Angel. The Angel was a guide who brought my Dad who had passed four years earlier. I refused to let go of his energy. This was the last time I was able to connect to my dad’s energy . As I felt my Dad and the Angel drift away I turned to my husband and said I no longer want to be Debbie I am going to be Tatiana Lola the Earth Angel who helps people deal with their grief . I setup Soul Friends on Facebook and also Listening Hearts this is to help broken hearts. I share my true stories to help people deal with their grief . I am a 51 year old housewife who has been attending Spiritualist Churches and other Groups since the age of ten. This is my true story .  I also have a page on Facebook Magical World Of Tatiana

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