Spirit Encounters – Real Life Story

Ave maria

Musical Guidance – True spiritual Story

A few years ago I use to attend a Healing Service each Sunday. This service was held within a friend’s home. We would say Healing Prayers for Mother Earth then send Distance Healing to poorly people.

The lady I would stand next to who’s name was Hannah was an elderly lady from Hungry. Each week we would just say hello and goodbye. Then one day I received a phone call too say she had passed. I was very upset but explained to my family that I didn’t really know her soI would not be attending the funeral.

So the night before Hannah funeral I did what most women do when they are upset and cleaned my bathroom. But as I was cleaning my bathroom I could hear very loud music and within my mind I could hear someone singing the song Avemaria . I don’t know the words but I managed too sing along whilst cleaning the bathroom lol.

The following day I was asked to go to the funeral. We all sat in the crematorium singing hyme, then as the men walked in with Hannah coffin it was,to the song Avemaria. As this beautiful music filled the rooms like a song from the heaven I then knew that spirit was with me the night before showing me through music that I should to attend Hannahs funeral to pay my final respects.

Spiritual Messages are not always in words or signs they can also be through music.

Love, Light and Peace

Written by Tatiana Lola Arbuckle

debbieMy real name is Debbie. Seven years ago whilst visiting a National Trust park I met an Angel. The Angel was a guide who brought my Dad who had passed four years earlier. I refused to let go of his energy. This was the last time I was able to connect to my dad’s energy . As I felt my Dad and the Angel drift away I turned to my husband and said I no longer want to be Debbie I am going to be Tatiana Lola the Earth Angel who helps people deal with their grief . I setup Soul Friends on Facebook and also Listening Hearts this is to help broken hearts. I share my true stories to help people deal with their grief . I am a 51 year old housewife who has been attending Spiritualist Churches and other Groups since the age of ten. This is my true story .  I also have a page on Facebook Magical World Of Tatiana

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