Julie Jurgan – The law of Restriction ( 40. Universal law)

The 40th universal law is the Law of Restriction. It reminds us that we do underly certain rules and laws that cant be changed. Experiencing our own physical limitations but also the restrictions of our minds. How can we overcome the frustration when we face limitations and unchangeable circumstances? Why are limitations healthy and how can we reach above them? A try to feel and explain what it means to be human on the inside out.

Julie Jurgan is an inspirational medium and healer. Working very close with the universal laws, to uncover the truth behind ourselves and the mystery of life.

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

If you would like to get in touch with Julie about her Readings or Healing work or you have any other questions please send an email to julie@blossomofthesoul.org

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