Julie Jurgan – The 50 universal laws

There is a concept which governs the movements of the universe and its expressions and these are called the universal laws. Over centuries humankind has been fascinated and fearful of the universal powers. Many attempts were made since then to explore the secrets of the universe to understand its power and predict its outcomes.

The time has come that we know more about the universe than ever before in the history of life. We are able to gain information for upcoming natural disasters as well as the weather. In addition to that we traveled to the moon and able to explore new planets via our progress in science. We learnt how to make use of the physical laws and how to use them for our benefits for traveling in space and time. We experienced our limitations within the physical laws and learnt to accept the unacceptable, our own mortality in the material form.

Now it is time to explore a new territory far away from outer space. I think it is time to discover the universal movements within ourselves. Realizing that our soul is a direct reflection, connection and expression of the universe and its movements. Something within the universe deeply resonates with our own spiritual evolution and longs for a better understanding.

Is reaching out for exploration far away from any physical or religious concept as such, furthermore I speak about a new form of freedom in which we as human beings finally realize that the universe is within us and we are in the universe.

Lets discover the secret of the universal concept which deals with energetic variations, the power of change and transformation and how we can step into this power and use it for our own soul evolution. Making sense and use of the moral and ethics laws of the universe as a legal legitimacy.

Can assist to answer the metaphysical questions:

How does the universe operate?

How can I learnt to understand the universal laws?

How can I use my understanding of the universal laws to improve my life?

How can I work with the universal laws?

Inspired by the concept of the universal laws by Richard Suthpen and Stuart Wilde, I started my first video blog in which I try to explore and discover the universal laws. Insights, Inspirations, questions and answers found their way into my discovery. Life changing events as well as deeply moving happenings followed me along the way of universal self exploration. Diving deeper and deeper into a world that I have never seen as such before.

You might will find some answers for your questions, empowerment and inspiration for your own Soul development. But furthermore I would wish that my video blog will create the desire within you to explore yourself and follow the call to find your own truth.

1. The law of Harmony

2. The law of Reincarnation & Karma

3. The law of Wisdom

4. The law of Grace

5. The law of Soul Evolution

6. The law of Bodhisattva

7. The law of vibrational Alignment

8. The law of Free will

9. The law of One

10. The law of Manifestation

11. The law of Conscious Detachment

12. The law of Gratitude

13. The law of Fellowship

14. The law of Resistance

15. The law of Attraction

16. The law of Reflection

17. The law of Unconditional Love

18. The law of Magnetic Affinities

19. The law of Abundance

20. The law of Divine Order

21. The law of Attitude

22. The law of Threes

23. The law of Association

24. The law of Commitment

25. The law of Dissonance

26. The law of Experience

27. The law of fearful Confrontation

28. The law of Group Consciousness

29. The law of Personal Return

30. The law of Activity

31. The law of Denial

32. The law of New Beginnings

33. The law of Compensation

34. The law of Psychometry Influence

35. The law of Totality

36. The law of Dominant Desire

37. The law of Duality

38. The law of Self-Destruction

39. The law of Environmental Manifestation

40. The law of Restriction

41. The law of Self-worth

42. The law of Growth

43. The law of Self-truth

44. The law of summarized Experience

45. The law of Belief

46. The law of dharmic direction

47. The Law of Purifying Actions

48. The law of Karmic Excess

49. The law of Release

50.The law of Ritual


Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

If you would like to get in touch with Julie about her Readings or Healing work or you have any other questions please send an email to julie@blossomofthesoul.org


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