Julie Jurgan – Medium, Healer and Inspirational Teacher


Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and inspirational teacher. She is also is the founder of Blossom of the Soul and runs her own spiritual video blog.

Through many years of walking the spiritual path Julie has discovered her own abilities of mediumship and healing as well as her own style of teaching. She offers One-to-One Sessions to everyone who is interested in gaining a better understanding about Oneself and what it means to walk the spiritual path. Julie has been travelling around the world for a long time and got in touch with different Healers and Spiritual Teachers, they taught her different spiritual practices and techniques but also what it meant to be a Medium, Healer and Spiritual Teacher herself.

Today Julie offers in her One-to-One Sessions all she has learnt and discovered. She works with full integrity and honesty as only if we do so – the path of change opens up in front of us.


Are individual One-to-One Sessions in which Julie uses her psychic and mediumship abilities to offer spiritual guidance for a current situation. A reading lasts for about 30 – 35 min and can be very touching as often it deals with aspects we might know about ourselves but were not sure how to deal with them.

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Healing Sessions:

A healing session is a very powerful experience and can bring the necessary changes we were so seeking in our lives. Through years of learning different healing techniques, Julie created her own style of healing dependant on the client and it needs. Based on traditional shamanic healing techniques, ancient chinese healing practices, trance healing as well as spiritual guidance from other realms every healing session is an individual experience and lasts for about 30min.

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Spiritual Mentoring:

In this personal One-to-One Session (1 hour) it is all about you and your personal spiritual development. No matter if you have personal questions about your own psychic abilities and you want to find a way how to develop them. You are interested in your path of spiritual development and you want Julie to work on a One-to-One base with you to explore your potential and develop it, than this Spiritual Mentoring is for you.

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Over the years Julie has been studying and learning from many different teachers, all of them had their own way of teaching and main emphasis about one subject. Spirituality, Meditation, Chinese Metaphysics, Healing, Mediumship are just the basics that are covered in Julies Teachings. Influenced by different cultures and spiritual practices Julie also developed a huge interest in philosophy and let this finds its way into her inspirational writings. Julie runs workshops and classes to teach about the discovery and empowerment of your own soul but also about mediumship and healing in many different ways.

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