Healing Cancer – A holistic approach – by Julie Jurgan

I had this lady reaching out to me for a healing session as she suffered from cancer. She already had it all removed from her body but she was so worried that it would return that she asked me for help.

It was a very emotional session and afterwards she bursted in tears. All the tension, the worries and the desperation came to the surface and wanted to be released. She also asked me a lot of questions which inspired me to write this post to share them with you.

I dont own the truth…my thoughts are based on my experience..knowledge and understanding as a healer and medium.

– Shamamic perspective on cancer –

I truly believe that every disease or illness has its origin in the spiritual-emotional-mental realms and expresses itself at last in the physical. This can happen through different circumstances such as traumatic experiences…belief systems…energetic ties that havent been cut.
Especially cancer reflects the desire of the body to destroy itself for some reason. Therefor it needs to be healed where it source is..the emotional, mental or spiritual body of ourselves.

– Diagnosis –

I dont say that our western doctors do make false diagnosis but I am saying that I believe many diagnoses are wrong. Being diagnosed with cancer is already a traumatic experience as its often classified as an terminal illness. Suddenly we and our loved ones as well as friends are confronted with our own mortality. Very often a circle of worries, hopelessness and desparation can lead into a deep depression. We give ourselves into the hands of professionals and would do everything they say even often that means giving away our power.
In those times very often we learn to separate our spirit from our body. Suddenly our body is the enemy as it got cancer and we are told to fight it.

– Chemotherapy and Healing –

In nearly 99% diagnosis we are told that we should have an operation to remove the cancer or a part of our body. Followed by the horrible treatments of chemotherapy. In its original thought Chemotherapy should weaken the body that much so that the cancer cells are going to die as well. For me this approach does not make any sense. Cancer itself is already destructive energy so why should we weaken our bodies to a state that we nearly die?
I believe that strenghtening the body with healthy food…loving thoughts and also spiritual healing will help to activate the self healing abilities.
In addition to that a deep healing session is required in which the original source of the cancer will be healed.
Our body needs more love and care…not less.

– You and Cancer –

Being diagnosed or dealing with cancer is a very personal experience. It is very naturally that we withdraw from others and the world to grief. To take some time for ourselves to adapt what is going to happen and how. It is absolutely normal that we might dont want to talk about it and share our feelings with others. Even with our closest friends, partners and family. Its about us and the thought what if we lose the battle. Anger, desperation, hopelessness are very normal in that state and should be given enough space to be expressed. Suddenly many things around us are not important anymore. Often we find ourselves shut away and closing our heart chakra to give or receive love. This state can be very irritating for others.

– Cancer and others –

While we go through our personal crisis with cancer our closest family, partner and friends suffer as well. Often is a phase of compassion followed by withdrawing or not knowing what to do. While we are scared to die our loved ones go through a shock as well. The shock of losing you. But also the recurring questions of Why? How? What if?
These can be very hard times for all of you. While men and women will react differently to such situations it still can bring our relationships to the test.
We might experience that our friends not able to ask us how we feeling. Because they not sure if they can ask these questions. But also withdraw because they just dont know how to deal with it themselves.
Our society has not taught us how to deal with facing mortality or talk openly about fears and emotions in general.
That can put a lot of people in the situation of not saying anything or trying to cheer us up.
But we will need to learn to break these barriers at one point – means to open up and say how we feel and also accept the fact that we might not making it. This will also help the others to express their feelings and also to understand what is going on.

– Operation –

90% of cancer will be operated with the hope to stop the cancer from spreading. Its important to keep in mind that an operation is a massive action towards your physical and energetic body. The body is a whole functioning system even if it suffers. An operation always means something will be damaged or removed from this system. Therefor it is very important to receive some healing before and after an operation to help the physical and energetic body adapt to change and help it back into its wholeness. Also an operation can leave an blueprint such as a shock within us. If that is not taken care of and be understood it can have a longterm effect such as anxiety, panic attacks…etc.

I believe in a holistic approach of healing cancer on many different levels such as mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
I also believe that others who suffer with us are in need of healing to release them from their shock.
I truly believe cancer can be healed…everything can be healed even it takes some time.

I hope in the near future we will understand the holistic approach that is needed to heal body, mind and spirit and keep it healthy.

The first step is maybe to learn how to deeply love and appreciate who we are. To reach out for help if we feel like to. To learn free expression of our emotions and embody them in the physical. But also to truly face what is not good for us on any level and be brave enough to walk away, release and cut the ties from things that serve any other purpose than increase Love.

IMG_20151206_132341Julie Jurgan is the founder of Blossom of the Soul, she works as writer, healer and medium. Julie offers her spiritual guidance and healing abilities to everyone in need.

If you want to book a session with Julie or you have any further questions please get in touch here.

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