God is all there is – Jay North (read)

“In the universal sense, love is the divine power of attraction in creation that harmonizes, unites; binds together….Those who live in tune with the attractive force of love achieve harmony with nature and their fellow beings, and are attracted to blissful reunion with Godself.” Paramahansa Yogananda.

In God It Is Done, and so it is…

It has been said in many ways and many times: God Is All There Is.

The truth in that statement runs deep. It is a spiritual belief of millions of people worldwide. The commonality of faith in God/Goddess is as basic as air and a way of life for many metaphysical people as well as Hindus, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Pagans.

That same basic principle of thought has remained in place for many, many years-God Is All There Is. It can be found in the ancient texts of the Egyptians, Greeks, Celtics and Native Indigenous people throughout the world. “There is nothing but God,” or “God is all there is.” The principle speaks of God’s love, God’s joy, God’s goodness that lives in each one of us and God’s offer of good and lavish abundance, in the form of health, wealth and long life. “In Gratitude it is done” is the theme of the day.

The truth that God/Goddess lives within us has a long-standing tradition of “let go and let God.” When we do, soulful things happen in our lives in the form of perfect heath, perfect mate, perfect home, perfect wealth, perfect harmony and peace. This truth has not changed. It may be as close to an absolute as we might find.

Forgetting and illusions are the two things that tend to foul things up for humanoids. Forgetting is considered one of the major fumbles for all humanoids, because in forgetting we give up our inborn knowledge of who we truly are. Illusions are energies that can get us fouled up and lock us out of living a righteous life. While these illusions feel and seem very real, they can all be overcome by remembering—remembering who we are and allowing our oneness with God/Goddess within to guide our lives. In God all things are perfect all of the time, and so it is.

When necessary, there are scientific and metaphysical practices that can assist humanoids in their quest for full unfoldment of the soul and being that we all truly are. The materials that follow will cover this completely.

In God it is already done…

In practice, we can remove the barriers to total freedom and return to that which we truly are—God. By removing barriers, blocks, locks, considerations, conclusions, projections, judgments and a whole host of unwanted conditions, we come into the realization of what we truly are. Then we can live as Grand Glorious Creators in oneness with God/Goddess in perfect peace, harmony and joy with all living Gods and Goddesses. In God it is done.

One day perhaps “it” could be done with a snap of a finger, but for now humanoids seem to enjoy the game, challenge, and work of waddling ourselves out of the maze to find God within and allow our lives to be the experience of perfection that we deserve.

Everything is perfect all of the time, and so it is

Occasionally we require assistance, a healing and a breaking free from blocks. The Truth is that everything is perfect all of the time in God. Through meditation, visualization, relaxation and focus we come to find that God/Goddess does in fact live in the innermost tiniest place in our hearts as the very source of all life. Through God’s breath of life, we live in perfect love of God.

In God we live gloriously…

Everything is perfect all of the time, and so it is.

Occasionally we need to process life’s illusion and become free to live as Grand Glorious Creators. However, there are perfect, natural embodied souls living in oneness as Gods/Goddesses here and now.

Most Humanoids have managed over millennia to foul things up pretty good. The chore of clearing out the collection of illusions and delusions and remembering has become the goal of many humanoids—rising to God-kind in the true unfoldment of the soul. But it has become necessary to do the work of removing the barriers to oneness and allowing the full unfoldment of the soul to occur—God realization.

The path may seem bumpy at times, as well it should be. We have managed to create quite an interesting game for ourselves. Working through the maze of confusion has become quite a challenge for many humanoids. It is a process and never give it up or you will certainly mess the whole point.

Make the journey fun or it isn’t worth taking.

Please don’t forget the party! Lighten up! As many prominent Gurus have said, Enlightenment has much to do with the party, dance and joy. Try to have some fun on the road or just stay home. I’ve always said, “If it isn’t fun, I’m not going.” Yes, there is a time for reverence and quiet meditation, contemplation, and there is a time for processing energies. But there must also be a time for life, or it’s just not fun. God wants this to be fun for you and me. He or she desires that you have a more pleasurable experience in this plane, life is not about suffering.

Come in to the unfoldment of Love Peace and Joy, and come to the party.

My Prayer for you:

God is light. God is love, divine right order and prosperity. God is the earth, the sky and beyond this universe. God is positive energy and light flowing through, in, and around you. God is air and water, through me and you, right here and now. God is our thoughts, ideas, and mind ever ex­panding and extending into the visible and the invisible. God is all there is…

jay northJay North, spirit, mind, body experience can be found at www.OneGlobePress.com

Jay North: Published author, organic gardener, and social activist, naturalist. Jay is truly inspirational at appreciating the journey and the roller coaster of life! In the 1980’s and 90’s he was revered worldwide as the Edible Flower Child, partially due to his astonishing success with Paradise Farms and his books regarding organic gardening. Jay is currently enjoying his life as a full time writer.

Jay came into the world knowing exactly what he wanted. He intended to experience life to the fullest; on every level imaginable. His path would eventually expand outward; to include assisting everyone in understanding their own ability to savor and cherish their own life; in love, peace and joy.

Jay’s life experiences are vast. All accepted as a vehicle of growth; regardless of the degree (or lack thereof) of amusement and excitement. He allowed everything without judgment. This is attainable for anyone, says Jay.

Jay arrived on planet Earth in 1949. At the young age of 8, he discovered his love for nature and for the land. At 16, he captured his passion and expressed it eloquently; through his writing of poetry appreciating his beloved Mother Earth.

Jay is the first to admit he may never grow up. In his “adult” years, he has written and has had published several thousand articles, eighteen books and two thousand poems. His interest in writing and in publishing continues. His purpose is to write, to be read and to make a beneficial impact on the planet and all its inhabitants.

To achieve his goal, Jay’s Books and One Globe Press are collaborating to create real and vital change on our planet. One Globe Press is the exclusive, independent publisher of new and bold non-fiction books for the metaphysical, for the new age truth seekers, for the newly awakened, consciousness; as well as, for the novice, intrigued, potential green thumbs.

Jay’s books shed light on important, contemporary issues regarding environmental concerns and anticipated changes on Planet Earth. Jay suggests opportunities that make cutting-edge ideas on healing accessible to a broad audience. With Jay’s extensive and diverse range of subjects; we are proud to publish his books and articles that will facilitate a positive transformation in the conditions on planet Earth. As Leonard J. Mountain Chief (from Open Spaces), Jay’s native mentor would often repeat, “A change has got to come.” Sooner better than later!

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