Magdalena Atkinson – Beauty & Power

Magdalena Atkinson is a singer, songwriter, Shakti dance teacher.

Magdalena has been a singer and songwriter for many years and always found her expressing in things she love doing the most. Dance, sing and perform to reach out to others and share a bit of that Soulfullness that can be found in each of her wonderful songs.
Magdalena is a proud mother of two but never stopped following her own dreams and living her purpose.
Her new album “Power & Beauty” which was released in November 2016 is an empowering message to all of those who are struggling to find their own path. It is a journey to the very depth of your own soul and exploring the beauty that lies within. Her new album is a must buy for everyone who is open to be touched and inspired by a beautiful soul reaching her arms out to heaven. xxx

More information about Magdalenas amazing work and her music can be found on:

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