Julie – The law of Psychometry Influence ( 34. Universal law)

The law of psychometry influence is the law that indicates that mind can influence matter but also that we are influenced by matter. Psychic mediums are able to use an object to gain information about their sitters/clients. So called psychic detectives can use objects to assist the police with information about someone who has gone missing.

This law is all about the possibility that our own energy can leave an energetic blueprint on objects we wear but it also says that the out environment does influence our personal well-being. This science or art is very well-known in the china and is called Feng Shui.

Julie Jurgan is a medium, healer and Soulactivist. She offers One-to-One Sessions ( Readings & Meditations) via Skype and in person. Her healing sessions are available in person as well as via distance. Her healing sessions are powerful and transforming.

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