The Crystal Call 1 – George David Fryer

Working with crystals is a powerful tool for reconnecting to mother nature and the dimension of lower, grounding energy. The power of crystals can heal, empower, help to release and clear. Crystals are able to transmute energy. Working with crystals can open the mind and help to create positive intention in your life.

Understanding a crystal not only as a storage for special energy but furthermore as a living being is an interesting thought and could help to raise the standard of working with crystals. Furthermore it expands the understanding of their use.

George David Fryer wrote the following after working years in Mines:

“Sorry I know I have posted this before…but PLEASE anyone that is using Crystals be fully aware that they work so well because they can record and vibrational magnify your true intent, which is brilliant..However because they are such great recorders and holders of vibration please be aware that BEFORE they get to you, the journey they have undertaken..The mining, many are dug out by the miners by hand in very, very poor conditions, they then go through much handling, trauma and are seen by those mining corporations as a commodity, and nothing else.All of this plus the crystals recordings of much trauma of the Earth etc. whilst growing and forming are still vibrational held by the crystals…Please when you receive your crystals, sit with them and put your purest thought intent that the crystal is cleared of all held vibrational recorded trauma etc..and that it returns back to its highest, clearest and most beautiful vibration of self..I have worked with crystals now for decades and this I know is so important…for if they are totally clear of low vibration they will magnify greatly your own true intent…with Love and given with total truth and integrity of being to you all…

(George David Fryers partner)

David Fryer on clearing a crystal:

“Good also to firstly deprogram all the old, wipe it all clean, then put by 528 hz.from a YouTube video.on..and and the end of it will be singing..Crystals have the capacity to hold many levels at the same time of vibration and this is where many make the mistake that they think that the new programming will clear fully the old lower program, it doesn’t…until deliberately wiped by intent, it still runs behind the scenes if you like”

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