Vincent Moon and Nana Vasconcelos: The world’s hidden music rituals (TEDtalk)

Music is the heart of every culture. The expression of its zeitgeist, its fears and hopes, the love, the tragedy, the joy and the sadness. Music is a creative expression that has many forms and reaches out to the most hidden corners in the world and within us.
Music unites, it brings people together no matter of their belief system, their race, color, gender or occupation. A powerful talk about how music and film can help people to see their own culture in a new way. Really worth watching!

French filmmaker Vincent Moon travels the world with just a backpack, a laptop and a camera. He’s filmed Arcade Fire in an elevator and Bon Iver in an apartment kitchen – and single-shot films of a Sufi ritual in Chechnya and an ayahuasca journey in Peru. In this talk, he explains how film and music can help people see their own cultures in a new way. Followed by a performance by jazz icon Nana Vasconcelos

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