Julie – Setting Sails for the Spiritual Journey

I wrote this article as the introduction article about the different stages of change (5 more will follow).
Inspired by my personal spiritual journey who took me to many different places within and out of me. Lets set the sails and explore the ocean of new possibilities just ahead of us.

Someone said to me the other day while we were talking about spiritual growth:

„I don ´t know but when I think of a spiritual journey
it feels like setting out in a boat into the open sea and you might never return!“

I liked that metaphor and somehow it describes exactly the feeling you have when you start out on your spiritual journey.

But the more you drift out and away the less you feel the need to return to the place where you once started. Moreover I do believe that the main goal of setting out on a spiritual journey is, or was for me, not to return. I wanted to experience something different, something that helps me to explore myself more fully and deeper than ever before. I wanted to leave that me behind, that I was trained and shaped to be for so many years by my parents, teachers, society and the media.

For me it was time to break free from old conditioning and things that didn’t match with my inner truth.

My journey took me all over the world and every time I returned from my travels, I was even more aware that I did not want to return to the place where I once started. The longer I spend time away from so-called „home“ the more I grew into the real me. I wanted to live in another place, another country to have another life.

A spiritual journey is for everyone different, we do have different starting points, different reasons for setting off and different initiations for the wake-up call (I want to name it). No journey will ever be the same but every journey will change you forever, no matter where you go, or how much time you spend away.

You will never return as the person who has once started out.

I have been really lucky with my parents, even if they not agreed with everything I was up to, always supported and encouraged me to travel. They did understand the longing to explore new places also they hoped I would settle at one point, but that is another story 😉

When I talk about spiritual journey it doesn ´t always mean that you do need to do a physical journey. Some people do read a book, have a certain experience or live through a crisis and suddenly somehow everything appears different. Can mean that you explored a new point of view, something that changed your perception or it triggers that something deep inside of you.
This change of perception does not always happen suddenly, very often it is very slow process that sneaks into your soul deeper and deeper. Often this happens without our personal knowing but once it has made all is way deep down into your soul it will also try to bring this new insights to the surface. Once it raises into your consciousness that seems of a sudden event even the process was already going on for a while. But suddenly there it is and the new truth reveals itself.

This turning point I would like to call the Soulawakening but not as if your soul has been asleep. The soul never is asleep but you haven ´t been aware of your soul that much. Therefore it will come a point in your life when the urge to explore more than you know gets so strong that you can ´t deny it any more. This stage can come with different feelings and it mostly follows the same stages for everyone.
Only through my personal spiritual journey and the experiences I made along the way I became aware of the pattern that is related to the different levels of change we need to go through once we woke up.

Once you hear the wake up call there is no turning back, the more you try to suppress that inner urge for change the more you will suffer from it consequences. Change is life itself, it’s a natural cycle we go through on the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level. Change is the foundation for growth and should not be denied even it can be painful sometimes. The more we hold on to old things, belief systems, fixed ideas, how things should or supposed to be the more change will tell us differently.

The process of change may be a difficult one but the outcome is always positive. The more the energies within us are stagnate the more we find it hard to let the new truth in. The more we have gone through big changes and gained our wisdom from it, to connect even more with the natural laws of the universe the more we experience change as a possibility to become the best version of ourselves.

Change is healing. Change is revealing. Change brings out the best in you.

I wrote this series of articles to assist and guide you through your Soulawakening, your personal transformation and the process of change that comes with it. I hope you find yourself in it and can relate to it when I say that we are all going through it.

With much love,


PS: If you are in need of a One-to-One Session please get in touch with me and I will see how I can help you.

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