The law of Ritual (video)

The 50. Universal law is the Law of Ritual. An exploration into the understanding of rituals, how they affect our lives and why do we need rituals? The question of religious view, personal upbringing but also the understanding how rituals can be seen as an expression of our desires, hopes and wishes.

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Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul, she is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here.


Years of transformation – 2015, 2016 and 2017

I want to start an article with beautiful words of Daisaku Ikeda – a Japanese Philosopher, author and anti-nuclear activist.

“Human rights will be a powerful force for the transformation of reality when they are not simply understood as externally defined norms of behaviour but are lived as the spontaneous manifestation of internalized values.”

  — Daisaku Ikeda

These words are very much related with the theme of this article “Transformation” and I observed some important Vedic Astrological patterns of planetary alignments in the year 2015 and 2016, even in 2017 these patters would create an impact on world.

I will share the information about these planetary alignments first of 2015 then 2016 means the current ongoing year. We will study about Eclipses and some other important alignments. Whenever an eclipse occurs it is always an alignment of Rahu-Ketu (North-South nodes of Moon) and these nodes are the most powerful shadow planets or mathematical points where the light is seized so it has the power to create an impact on whole world in mundane astrology and on our individual lives also.

Year 2015

In 2015 the eclipses occurred Virgo-Pisces axis because Rahu was in Virgo and Ketu was in Pisces.

  • 20th March 2015 – Total Solar Eclipse in Pisces in Uttarabhadrapad Nakshatra
  • 4th April 2015 – Total Lunar Eclipse in Virgo in Hasta Nakshatra
  • 13th September 2015 – Partial Solar Eclipse
  • 28th September 2015 – Total Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

During this year Saturn was transiting through Scorpio because Saturn entered in Scorpio on 2nd November 2014. Every year we experience 3-4 eclipses but I gave emphasis on year 2015 because Saturn in Scorpio is the toughest Transformation and during this period of 2 and half year transit all eclipses will be of special importance in changing the overall environment of world.

Important to mention when Ketu caused an eclipse in the sign of Pisces and Rahu-Ketu always travel backwards so Ketu marked the beginning of 18 year phase (Rahu-Ketu takes 1 8 months to travel from one sign) and on 20th March Solar eclipse occurred in Saturn’s lunar mansion Uttara Bhadrapada which showed dissolution and start of something new.

I won’t go in detail much but I had given detailed explanation of Eclipses in my article dated – 14th March 2015 on Eclipses here…..

Year 2016

Present year is the tight rope walk because many planetary alignments are important to mention.

1) Jupiter-Rahu Conjunction in Leo at final Degrees – This conjunction occurred in January 2016 at       culminating degrees in Leo where Jupiter was Retrograde and this same alignment made me reminded the year 1979 where Saturn-Rahu-Jupiter all were in Leo and in that year we witnessed big events like –

  • Fall of Pol Pot regime in Cambodia
  • In Iran Ayatollah Khomeini took over
  • Margaret Thatcher first lady UK Prime Minister
  • Iranian Militants violence erupted
  • Double Digit Inflation
  • Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

All these events have deep relation with the theme of conjunction again of Rahu-Jup and Saturn’s 10th aspect from Scorpio on Leo made it more intense but this time the reversals of all those events in some different form because Jupiter was retrograde.

2) Five Planets Retrograde – After Jup-Rahu Conjunction then during April-May all major planets were in retrograde motion – Rahu, Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars. I observed this happened way back in 1984 and that year was also quiet chaotic in some regions of the world.

3) Saturn-Mars Conjunction – Mars entered in Anuradha nakshatra of Saturn on 28th February and it remained with Saturn in Scorpio that too in retrograde motion for some months was the toughest period for all individuals in terms of churning of emotions.

4) Eclipses

  • Total Solar Eclipse on 8th/9th March
  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 23rd March
  • Solar Eclipse on 1st September
  • Penumbral Lunar Eclipse on 16th March

More information on 2016 Eclipses in my article dated – 17th January 2016 here…

This year the nodal axis shifted to Leo-Aquarius means Rahu in Leo and Ketu in Aquarius which shows huge change in Power (Leo Sign) and Ketu will give some inventions (Aquarius intellectual sign). Specially from October to December the 5th all the planets are in the axis of Rahu-Ketu which are forming a combination where every planet passed over Rahu and moving towards Ketu  – this shows the process of purification which is hard and tough but finally liberation through Ketu. The coming 10 months from November till next Eclipse of 2017 will be very important for the new transformed world.

In this way this year 2016 is actually a very tight rope walk for the whole world and for all individuals.

Year 2017

Now the next year will be of equal importance same like previous two years because of continued transit of Saturn through Scorpio but at the end of 2016 on 30th Dec Saturn will touch 27 degrees of Scorpio which is a start of “Gandant Zone”. Saturn will enter Sagittarius on 27th January 2017 and till 3 degrees of Sagittarius it will be in the Gandant Zone.

Gandant means end of Karmic Knot which is related with all the deeds of past lives so it is an extremely important travel of Saturn where it drills too deep and take out all secrets and will take right action towards humanity. Gandant zone is a zone when a planet travels from Water to Fire sign or Vice-Versa but in the whole zodiac Scorpio-Sagittarius is very important for Gandant and especially when Saturn travels.

The eclipse on 21st August 2017 will be very important when Rahu will influence Sun in Magha means Royal Power.

Now I want to sum up all these 3 years in the form of huge transformation because every time Rahu-Ketu begins 18 year period cycle but when it got begun from 2015 it marked the important transits of

  • Saturn in Scorpio (Extreme Transformation)
  • Jup-Rahu in Leo in Jan 2016 (Law and Order Transformation to curb Crime)
  • Five planets Retrograde in 2016 (Cleaning of Mess of almost 2 decades through Transformation)
  • Saturn’s Transit of Scorpio to Sagittarius through a Gandant Zone (Extreme Transformation)
  • Eclipses of 2015 from Ketu in Pisces started 18 year period of Transformation
  • Eclipses of 2016 and 2017 influence and showing change in Power and cleansing of Political-financial system.
  • Due to transits and eclipses two important stars in zodiac activated – Regulus in Leo and Antares in Scorpio.

Whole world is getting impacted by these major changes in sky and our individual personal lives also are experiencing many changes which are all together taking this world to “Ascension”. This ignited “Healing Practices” and more people seeking spiritual development. This also shows the path of righteousness towards the betterment of humanity. I don’t want to predict more about country specific because I already feel the most impact on regions like – South East Asia Pacific region, South East Russia, East-West Coasts of America, Africa and Atlantic region. Country specific predictions would be too deep to predict but I feel more important to understand the planetary alignments rather than making predictions.

But here I would like to mention USA Presidential Elections 2016 will set a new theme for whole world and change in ruling currency. Even I feel this election would not be smooth because Chart of USA shows extreme tough time from December till March so may be Civil Unrest and some upheavel in Law & Order situation which could effect Election Process and Economic Situation all over world.

We witnessed some disturbing events like ISIS Crisis, Middle East Unrest, UnstableWorld Economic System , Severe Climatic Changes caused Hurricanes and Earthquakes because of these tough planetary alignments but there will be a hope of new ray of light will emerge out of this dark phase also.

This is how I feel 2015, 2016 and 2017 very important transformative years and may get considered the start of Transformative Era of this century with new change in power, political regimes and economic-financial system. Rule of transformation involves huge churning, dissolution of current themes and start of new theme.

I hope this small article will give some insight of current evolution in the world and how can we study planetary alignments through the lens of Vedic Astrology.


Ravindra Pandhey is a passionate blogger and professional astrologer. If you interested in a personal astrology consultation with Ravi, please have a look here…

The art of manifestation ‘DECODED’ by Sukirat Kaur Bahra

Manifestation and magic are interrelated concepts. It rules are life so subtly, that, at times we are unaware of its presence. To manifest means, to recite something with such powerful intent that it materialises (negative or positive). In magic, spells are used as magical charm to cause the state of enchantment. These concepts are intertwined in a way that we approach them with complete different understanding.

There are various ways to manifest. Some write down their wishes and bury them in the earth, others perform rituals on new/full moon, affirmation is also a great way to manifest, the list can go on and on. For some nothing works and they just give up on the process.

Let’s start by asking a question to ourselves,” how does things manifest?” or “How manifestation works?”. Our brain is divided into two parts conscious (left side) and subconscious (right side). Subconscious is responsible for 80% of our mental activities. On the other hand, conscious governs 12% of our activities. We use conscious mind in our daily life through reasoning, choices, logics and rationalisation. Whereas, automatic processes, such as, heart rate, respiration, body temperature, automatic thought processes (riding a bike, tying your shoe laces, driving a car etc.) are functions of subconscious. here if you have noticed, our subconscious can be trained by “Repetition”. These are also known as motor actions and can be repeated numerous times to train our right side of the brain. Coming back to the question,” how manifestation works?”. Manifestation happens when we are able to put across our ideas to the subconscious. Now either we can do this my constant repetition or using Alpha state of sleep.

Alpha is more day dream like condition or we can say it feels like light hypnosis, such state can also be attained while meditating. In such state creativity is at its peak. When alpha waves take over us our power to manifest is at its peak because we are well connected with our subconscious. Knowingly or unknowingly we tap into Alpha waves in our daily life. It happens so naturally that half of the time we are unaware about it, for e.g., if someone walks into the room while we are watching TV or reading a very interesting book, we tend not to notice that person because of our involvement in that particular activity, this is an Alpha zone (light hypnosis). Men are more likely to experience it as compared to woman. Women are multitaskers. Subconscious is an autopilot, but can switch to conscious if you need to rationalise or make logical decisions.

Our conscious and subconscious are like see-saw. During the day our conscious is on the upper side, when we sleep subconscious takes over. So during Alpha state, both sides of the brain are in perfect balance and is in perfect position to trigger our ideas into subconscious. Here another question arises,” Why after all this still nothing happens?”. While manifesting we encounter two types of thoughts; major thoughts and sponsoring thoughts. How we hold on to the major thought decides the success of our intentions. For instance, If I tell you that you can earn £10,000 a day, followed by a motivational lecture to convince you. You will feel super excited, will be totally in sync with my energy and thoughts, at some point ready to work towards that idea (major thought). But then, as the days will pass, the enthusiasm will start declining, you will start to feel how impossible this is, find excuses (sponsoring thought). Here we see that our major thought is written off my sponsoring thought. What we now need to do it replace sponsoring thought by positive ideas/thinking.

Our conscious is like a filter. It will use logic/rationalization to accept or reject. When it rejects we need to replace that by acceptance of major thought (remember “repetition”).

You all must be thinking that, not everyone can go into Alpha zone or be there forever. Well yeah, we can’t be in meditative or dream like state even light hypnosis forever. But what we can do is, tap into that energy and be in there forever. So, how shall this be done? Answer is through “Repetition”. I want you to remember when you were learning how to drive a car. After series of training and testing you were finally awarded driver’s license. Similarly practicing how to be in Alpha zone will help you tap into it whenever you want.

However, if you think manifestation is only done by subconscious, then you are limiting yourself. Remember right side and left side of the brain are part of yourself and you can access it in whatever way you want. In short, you are the master.

This is Enlightment, where by your mere thinking things happen.

Sukirat Kaur Bahra the Co-founder of Blossom of the Soul is a Past Life Regression Therapist , Angelic Reiki healer, master, teacher and practitioner. Her sessions are done through Skype or in person. If you have any further questions or want to book a session with Sukirat please have a look here….

Article inspired by :- Ankkeet Parek

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The law of Release – Julie Jurgan (video)

The law of Release is a powerful invitation to experience the Art of letting go. Day by day we are reminded of the importance of allowing things to change and transform. Ideas, belief systems, possessions but also we come in touch with our own mortality. Questions arises what will happen next, when the Soul finally leaves its earthly attachment, the body?
We come in close contact with the pain of letting go of loved ones, fighting, resisting the course of time. We again and again crush against our own limitations only to learn one thing…to let go. So we can grow, transform and be reborn.
Maybe a try to catch something that was never made to hold on to.

What can our very own heart teach us


holding and letting go?


IMG_20151206_132341Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul, is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here…

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Why Anti-Depressants kill your soul by Julie Jurgan

Did you know that over 61 million Antidepressants outside of hospitals have been described alone in the UK in 2015?

(The Guardian July 2016)

More and more people seem to follow the mainstream opinion of taking chemical drugs to deal with depressions, anxiety and panic attacks. Without knowing what they really do to themselves and their soul. People need and want a quick solution for their discomfort and even doctors are not really helpful in pointing out the source of depressions to their patients. I truly believe if we come to understand what kind of depression we are suffering from and take a realistic view on what is wrong with the world, we will come to understand that depressions are mostly not-self made. Furthermore the most of diagnosed depressions do occur as a result of an outside influence we suffer from and feel we have no control of or a lack of power to change it.

Knowing the reason, its source we may come into a better understanding of ourselves and what it means to be depressive. But even most important we will understand that depression is not a condition that we need to live with as we can make certain steps towards its release. We also need to come to see that taking anti-depressant doesn’t solve the problem it only helps in coping.

The question now is, do we want to cope with life or do we want to live it? How much of our control do we want to hand out to others and where can we take our own responsibility? Antidepressant have major side-effects and apart from that they turn you into an emotional disconnected being. If we really want to work with depression we need to dive deep into the ocean of understanding of the self and make necessary adjustments. Honesty and authenticity are the key elements to find the source of depression and suffering.


Most important is that we do understand that our soul is the most trustworthy guide in our lives, telling us when something is right or wrong. Taking anti-depressant will take that natural guide away and will take you even deeper into nowhere land. A place that couldn’t be any further from your true self.

The easiest way to be reborn is to live and feel life everyday” 
Munia Khan


Social Expectation Depression

A very interesting expression of a phenomena and I truly believe that 90% of people who have been diagnosed with depression suffer from. It means that we are depressed because we feel that we don’t fit into society. Furthermore it means that we suffer because we can’t reach social expectations that have been put upon us.

These kind of depressions are a natural outcome of influence of mainstream media into our lives. These media especially TV creates an illusion of how the “good life” should look like. In addition to that happiness is the ultimate goal. Once we realized that we will never look like the people on TV or magazines, we will never be able to be happy all the time and we truly believe that possessions are what we really need to be happy – we will suffer tremendously.

The feeling of abandonment, unworthiness, self-doubts will find its way into our lives and feeds on all the illusionary ideas that are shown on TV. The increasing use of smart phones and social media doesn’t help with that. Of course we can be in touch with someone in seconds, but we can’t touch them. Means we lose our ability to be with people, to be touched by people and furthermore to really connect with people. We fear the opinion of others, our own vulnerability and boundaries.

We forget how to make time for ourselves as there is always someone reaching out to us or telling us what’s going on at the moment. Looking at Facebook and other social media we start comparing our lives with the lives of others. There is no more space that we allow ourselves to stay in – thinking and feeling that we miss out on something.

The best advice and the most important step for this kind of depression is, to cut back on watching TV and overwhelming yourself with social media and other distractions. Learn to meditate and come into the space within yourself. You will need to learn to work with your soul and have an honest look upon yourself. You have to learn to be with yourself and enjoy your own company only so you will get to know yourself better. The buddhist Metta Meditation ( try here) can be very helpful in terms of increasing self-love.


Work Pressure Depression

In the workplace that indicates a job we don’t like and just do because of the money. Maybe out of fear or doubts that we never ever will be able to do a job we love doing and make money with it.

In addition to that these kind of depressions are also created by our working ethics against our inner clock. Our over productive society has created a climax that is more than unnatural for our well-being. We spend too much time indoors, eat just on the go and spend more than 70% our wake-life at our workplace to cover our survival costs. We work as much in summer as we do in winter and in a full-time employment we get about 5 or 6 weeks holidays a year.

depressedHour after hour we stare into computers, take one job load after the next, try to deal with sickness of colleagues and more time pressure at work. It’s up to us to cope with the consequences of staff reduction at work, the increasing of deadlines and the constantly growing amount of pressure.

Not that this would be enough, we also hear about the changes in the big wide world, how they might affect our job security or our future lives.

No wonder you are fed up, tired, overwhelmed and stressed out. How should any normal human being deal with all these things? Especially things that lay outside of our control, things that we have no influence on.

So how can you deal with all this? Antidepressant may help you to stay were you are but they won’t make you happy. They will assist you in staying in a discomfort situation rather than changing it. You will need to face reality and realize that you might working in the wrong job, that you are overworked or you feel not appreciated.

If this is the case, first of all speak with someone about it. Someone you would definitely support your decision whatever that may be, someone who encourages you to do what feels right for you. You might want to seek a chat with your manager as well and let him/her know how you feeling at the moment. That might lead to less work pressure at least for a short period of time. At the end you will need to face the situation and might think about going self-employed or change jobs.

Yes that can be scary and very challenging at the beginning but you will need to develop inner strength to work through it. Speak to your local job centre you might get some support, reach out for some empowerment healing from an alternative healer or might seek some advice from a counselor.

Keep in mind that change is a necessary part of life and we mostly suffer because we deny the fact that we need to change too. You might want to develop a spiritual practice, go to yoga and meditation classes to learn to let go of your fears and doubts. Furthermore to feel the flow of life rushing through you and gain back your flexibility. Trust me, little steps of change make a huge difference and suddenly everything falls into place.

But you will need to overcome your need to control things and learn to let go of the illusion that life is only safe if we stay in the job we have.

Loss Depression

The loss Depression is one of the profoundest we can experience because they are somehow unchangeable. We might be able to change our jobs, leave our partners and remove ourselves from unpleasant situations. But we won’t be able to bring back a loved one who passed. The pain we experience through the grieving process is absolutely massive and can really bring us to the ground. Even years after the passing we can still find ourselves crumbling, crying and feeling so deeply hurt when we touch that empty space within our hearts. There is no remedy for a heart that suffers from a loss of a loved one.

Thoughts of not being able to go on, to cope with all that lies in front of us and the emptiness we drown deep into the valley of depression and hopelessness. Some of us may even experience suicidal tendencies themselves especially during the first few months. Everything is so raw, so open, so vulnerable.

Once again our heart has been cracked open and it hurts.


Some people might argue that anti-depressant would be a solution at least for the first few months but to be honest. No, I don’t think so. Antidepressant maybe make you feel that there would be no pain and that is an illusion. The pain will be there no matter what you do, suppressing it is not a solution. Especially help with pharmaceutical drugs is no solution at all. Furthermore it is very important to feel the pain and do whatever is important for you in this moment. Withdraw from the world if you want to, hide, cry, shout, be angry but let it out. Surround yourself with supportive friends and other loved ones but give yourself time. You don’t need to open up if you don’t want to. There are grieving telephone lines available such as the Samaritans (look here) which offer an open ear and support anonymously. You might also want to join a grieving group or take upon a task that helps you to express your loss. For this reason Art Therapy or writing a diary can be very helpful, but also dancing can be an embodiment for your pain.

Make sure that you nourish yourself during these periods of grieving, get a massage, have a hot bath, go for walks and do whatever you feel like doing.

Traumatic Experience Depressions

These kind of depressions mostly come from a past event we have experienced. A trauma we had to go trough and we are unable to release. This kind of depression mostly is chronic and will occur over a very long period of time, it can also be experienced in intervals. A traumatic experience depression definitely will need therapeutic assistance to be worked with. Antidepressant in this case will only suppress the symptoms but will never help to release its source, furthermore it will give the patient the feeling that he has to deal with this the whole of his/her life. There are other empowering alternative healing strategies available such as holistic therapies which can help to reduce the physical expression and do its best to release the symptoms on a material/physical level. A shamanic soul retrieval or shamanic healing can help to release the trauma from the persons energetic body and also assist the soul to heal itself.

But don’t get stuck in the thought that life has been tough on you and its never ever going to change. You will need to work yourself through the trauma and its expressions, the pain, the anger, the helplessness. A trauma might have changed you, but working with it can also transform you and turn a traumatic experience into a healing work. Sometimes we are confronted with certain situations not only that we gain strength from it once we overcame them but also to offer other people help and guidance with similar experiences.

There is always something to gain from any situation no matter how painful it was or is. Don’t give up on yourself and open up to outside help and support.


Existential Depression

1a430fe973e38cf30174eb8eeb55c086This form of depression will feel everyone at one point in their lives and might be a summary of all of the above. It expresses itself in the hopelessness and helplessness of being a human placed on this earth. Confronted with our own mortality, through the loss of a loved one or other experiences to do with death, the question why we need to work for our survival, why we are the way we are and furthermore we question our purpose or meaning of life.

Normally these are quite normal expression and can be counted to a necessary feelings to deepen our connection with life. We can’t only live in happiness and pretend that we don’t have meaningful questions pressuring our hearts. We can’t deny the fact that life sometimes gives us a hard time and we do question ourselves or fear our own mortality. These days, sometimes maybe weeks of existential depression helps us to transform ourselves and reach a new level spiritually. Of course these times can be very intense in its feelings but normally we should be able to work through and know that we will come out at the other side of the tunnel with a different point of view on things.

Normally we try to suppress these times of discomfort with eating, drinking or other activities that distract us. But we can also use these times as powerful chances to grow into our own and reach a new level of understanding and inner strength.

If you want to learn to understand yourself and the course of time better I can recommend watching favourite Astrologer Kaypacha (see more). Every week he explains the influences of astrology upon us and our moods, feelings and expressions. He offers great advice and better understanding for temporary influences and helps to connect the soul on a bigger picture.
I hope I could help a bit in understanding and working with depression and shine a light on alternative routes to deal with that important subject. Let us not come from Depression into Suppression but into Expression and Embodiment.


My pain strengthens my awareness.

My doubts remind me on my shared humanity.

My fears show me how to become stronger and my desperation teaches me about my vulnerability.

Now I know that I need to walk through the valley of hopelessness to allow my soul to guide me.

As this is the instant connection to the flow of life and the energy of the universe.

– Julie Jurgan

IMG_20151206_132341Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul,  is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here.

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Julie Jurgan – The law of karmic excess

The 48th Universal law is the law of karmic excess. A very powerful law that makes us over think our current belief systems. The universe only provides experiences that we are ready to take on. Even some of these events might challenging and frightening and sometimes come with pain. We are being asked to learn through these experiences only to come out on the other side of the tunnel with more strength, a better understanding and deeper connection to the universal course of time. Know that all that comes your way will lay in karmic harmony with your current incarnation.

IMG_20151206_132341Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul,  is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here.

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Chaos vs. Enlightenment by AJ Eihwaz (listen)

Great medium and tarot card reader based in New York. Aj Eihwaz gives profound insights to a interesting subject that is very relevant in our current times. Listen.

ajMy name is Anthony James Deluise I am a tarot reader, past life reader and a certified reiki healer. I also work as spiritual guide, dream interpreter, akashic records librarian and overall clairvoyant. I have studied various spiritual teachings and crafts. My knowledge reaches from buddhism, sufism, hermetic science, wicca,shamanism and many methods of healing.

If you are on a path to unlock hidden potential your soul career or depressed and looking for some spiritual gudiance then you should contact me.

I do online readings as well as distance healing.

My charges are  50$ for a healing/reading session but also for house cleansing and any occult advice. To know is to heal and to heal is To know.

For any enquiries please contact AJ via his reading facebook group here…

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Your universe by Julie Jurgan

Stop looking for answers

How long have been you been looking for answers? How many days have you wasted with questioning? How many times have you been doubting yourself?

How many times did you go outside and returned with empty hands? Warming your skin on the fire of confusion? Looking for shelter under the roof of comfort.

How many days have you walked in the rain of desperation? Followed by the shadows of the past? Creeping up on you like memories from a long time ago?

How many nights have you laid wide awake in your bed? Starring into the nothingness of your room while bathing in your own vulnerability?

How far have you travelled just to reach a place where they teach you the lesson of experience? How brave have you been in the exploration of your very own self?

How often have you looked into the mirror and asked yourself – who have I become?

How many traces have you left on the beaches of time? When you crawled down into the insecurity of your very own existence?

How often my friend have you questioned your gift? How often do you keep me asking the same old questions?

When my friend will you finally realize – all that was given to you – is exactly what you were made for. The suffering makes you stronger, the pain makes you softer, the love opens your heart and the joy should bring tears to your eyes.

This is your life. Keep on going. Keep on fighting. Keep on breathing.

Keep on pushing forwards till your knees get weak and your mind gets weary. Let me then take over and carry you the last bit of the way. Let the pressure bring you down on the very ground of life. Taste what it feels like to have nothing – so I can give you everything.

Let me in. Let me show you what it means to be born – to let go – to gain – to lose. Let me show what depth we can reach before we touch the sky.

Let me shed your skin – so your wings can grow – and you can fly

Let me be your wind. Let me be your ocean. Let me teach you how to connect with all that is.

Let me push and safe you. Let lose and let me touch you.

Let me show you – how stars are born.

With love,

Your Universe

IMG_20151206_132341Julie Jurgan the Founder of Blossom of the Soul,  is an inspirational writer, medium and healer. She offers her spiritual guidance to everyone in need. If you would like to book a session with Julie..please have a look here.

Or send directly an email to

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Suma – A story of growing a business organically (watch)

A lovely talk about a great business idea. A working co-operative in which everyone earns the same amount of money no matter what work they do. Organically grown food been delivered into all parts of the world to provide a fairtrade and organice choice for our well-being. Great story about the future model of living and working organically. Definetly worth watching.

A Brief History

Suma was started in 1975 by Reg Tayler. Reg had already gained some experience of wholefoods in London, and when he moved to Leeds he opened a retail shop, Plain Grain. In August 1975, at a meeting attended by all the wholefood shops in the north of England*, he proposed they set up a wholefoods wholesaling co-operative in order to supply each other.

Reg and friends set up in the back kitchen of a house in Victoria Road, Leeds, from where they sold cereal flakes, dried fruits and brown rice. They soon needed more room, and so rented a lock-up garage nearby – this is where the name ‘Suma’ was first used for the growing business. At the time, Reg was working as a delivery driver for Jonathan Silver, taking clothes to his chain of menswear shops around the north of England. Reg delivered the wholefood orders in between the ‘official’ deliveries for his boss, who knew what was going on but turned a blind eye even so. (Jonathan Silver later sold up and went travelling. After he returned to England he bought Dean Clough Mills in Halifax in 1982, in partnership with Ernest Hall. Ernest bought him out in 1984, when Jonathan Silver went on to buy Salts Mill in Saltaire, now a major tourist attraction in the area).

Within a year they needed proper premises, and in 1976 acquired a tiny two-storey warehouse in Wharf Street, Leeds. Lots of stairs had made the warehouse unsuitable for storing food, and there’s even one particular story of a time when several tonnes of fruit were carried upstairs, resulting in a horrible creaking noise as the ceiling started to collapse! Luckily the day was saved thanks to a little ingenuity and several large pieces of wood used as makeshift ‘props’. A retail shop called Beano was established round the corner and soon became an independent cooperative, separate from the wholesaling side of the enterprise. In 1977, Reg sold the Suma business to the then seven employees, who became the founder members of Triangle Wholefoods Collective, trading as Suma.

In 1978 Suma moved into a much larger three-storey warehouse across the road at 46 The Calls, Leeds. It seemed huge – the entire stock fitted into one half of the ground floor. However, rapid expansion of the wholefood market meant that by 1986 the whole place was bursting at the seams and Suma moved to a 70,000 sq. ft. warehouse shed in Dean Clough Mills, Halifax. There followed 15 years of steady growth, both of turnover and of the cooperative. Alongside the growth in size there was a corresponding increase in the complexity and sophistication of the business, and the structure of the coop went through many modifications to manage this change. In 2001, Suma moved to purpose-built premises in Elland, where currently around 150 are employed.

* 8th Day, Manchester; Alligator, York; Single Step, Lancaster; Maggie’s Farm, Durham; Down to Earth, Sheffield

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