The Force Awakens – A new dawn? by Julie

The Force Awakens in all of us

I have never been into Star Wars, for me it was something that I didn’t resonate with for a long time. Too spaced out and nothing to do with reality since I explored my own psychic gifts which lead me to a deeper understanding. An understanding that there is more to the world than my eyes could see.

A totally new dimension opened up in front of me and I explored the area of metaphysics in which other rules applied than I was taught. It felt like as I would wake up from a very long sleep and suddenly saw that there was a truth in many things that seem illogical to me. My life experienced a total transformation. I became a different person and my surroundings changed continuously the more I stepped into this other way of perception.


Psychic powers are not something unnatural furthermore they are located in all of us. It is the ability to see, hear, smell, taste, feel on a higher level/finer frequency. Means you hear and see with the inner perception rather than the physical senses. You feel things that can not be seen and you might sense things that are going to happen and haven’t happened yet. It just depends on how open we are to explore them and train them to a certain level. Things like Mind Reading, Out of Body Experiences, Distant Healing, Soul Connections, Moving objects without touching them are not something that is only for strong believers. Even many people do exactly think like that but our world is ruled by the so-called Force and made of energy. We are all made of energy and everything around us. Once we learn how to use and influence this energy we can work with it and experience a totally new world within the world.(more about psychic powers..)

The growing interest into the Star Wars movies all over the world definitely show to me that we are ready to explore a new dimension. A dimension in which things are possible that we can hardly imagine with our logical, limited mind. It is time to step behind the curtain of so-called reality and explore the gifts we were given to realize how powerful we really are.

The Force Awakens in all of us, in some of us slowly, in others more quickly. Reclaiming our personal power often comes with a conflict that takes place on the inside and is reflected on the outside. Old belief systems need to go, limitations been asked to break down and the power we gave away will finally return to us. During this stage more than often a healing crisis can take place.
In the early stages this express itself in confusion and disorientation.

We are asked to let go of what our parents told us, teachers taught us, society showed us. No more black and white thinking but everything is possible. Sometimes we experience this awakening as a battle between our logical mind who tells us to hold on to all we ever learnt and our soul who knows there is more to the bigger picture.

During those times it is very helpful to reach out for some help which can be a teacher, a mentor or a friend. Like minded people with the same interest can be very supportive and you can share your experiences. Healers, Shamans, Mediums, Holistic Therapists but also Metaphysics and other Light Workers might be able to assist and guide you. (need some help?..more here..)

Only by awakening to your personal power you will realize your infinite potential.

I deeply believe that we have reached a point in our evolution in which more and more people open their minds to the phenomena of psychic powers. Even the closed-minded will be affected by the Awakening of the Force and no longer can deny that was hidden for such a long time. But only through personal experience the truth can be revealed and our consciousness be changed forever.

I have been developing my own psychic gifts for several years now and still explore new aspects and refine them. Regarding to the new Star Wars Movie “The Force Awakens” I appreciate the global awakening and the change that comes with it. More and more people feel drawn to things that are out of this world, to something that goes behind our normal, everyday world view and powers.


The universal force is the all life-giving energy that surrounds us and flows through us. Once this stream is blocked, our bodies will weaken, get sick and finally die. But deep within us there is something that will always remain connected and will return to its origin to the Source of the Force. This something is called our consciousness, it will survive physical death and will take all its experiences with it. If consciously or subconsciously that is up to us, depending on how deep we sleep through our physical existence. (more…)


The Force connects everyone and everything no matter where in the world or in the universe. This invisible electromagnetic field allows us to communicate and connect on a higher level with help of our psychic gifts. Rupert Sheldrake gives an interesting explanation about this subject (more…).
Everything is made of energy, we are made of energy, our surroundings, our thoughts, emotions and actions do carry a specific energy into the world. The more we awaken we can explore and learn how to use that energy and influence it, how to connect with it and do good.

We might not as far away from Star Wars as we think we are and THE FORCE AWAKENING is the awakening of our new consciousness.

Maybe it is time to open up to a new truth, look for a new horizon and explore new heights.

THE FORCE IS AWAKENING and reflects itself in the mirror of a new dawn.

written by Julie

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