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There is no final explanation nor any universal truth about Spirit Guides and Helpers and their tasks. Like all the others I do not own the truth but I tried to explain this subject in the best way as I do understand and experienced it by myself.

Guides and Helpers are similar but still not exactly the same, as the name already explains Guides are there to guide and Helpers duty is to help. Spirit Guides can have different forms and tasks depending on their “profession”. While spirit teachers often gain a lot of wisdom therefore they often make themselves heard or seen when someone starts channeling. Working with Angels can also have a huge benefit on our personal lives as they are there to protect but also can we called if healing is required or other support from the angelic realms. Sometimes a spirit guide or helper can also be a deceased loved one.

Some people do not believe in spirit guides or helpers but I do think that everyone has the ability to work and connect with them. I believe that dependent on our personal believe system, experience and conviction we feel drawn to the one or the other. I resonate with the saying of likes attract likes and that happens to us with our spirit guides and helpers as well. The energy we radiate will attract its similar form of your spirit guides and helpers.

Guides and Helpers do not need to have a specific form to make themselves heard or seen. But through my experience with my own guides and also in conversation with other people who do work with spirit guides and helpers I realized that they can have a certain appearance. Staying open and flexible is probably the most important tool to work with spirit guides and helpers. As their form can change and sometimes we don’t see anything but can feel their presence.

The spirit guides and helpers can appear in human form and of any culture we could imagine. Some people only see a light figure, other only sense their presence. In addition to that depending on personal need or work they also can take forms such as angelic, archangels, animals (shamanic work), fairies, or even elements and nature spirits.

As you can see, there is no universal truth about how a guide or helper should look like nor how they will appear to make themselves heard or see. The ability to see a spirit guide or helper does not influence of the quality of their work nor the quality of the connection with us. Often it is our logical, rational mind that needs to picture these guides. Most important I think is to stay open and surrender to their guidance, support and assistance. The more we work with them the closer we form a good relationship and the greater is the possibility to get a clearer picture and to get to know them.

Some people do not understand how they can strengthen their contact to their Spirit Guides and Helpers. There are probably many different ways but I found some of them are working very well for me.

Invite the Spirit Guides and Helpers to work with you

The first step to form a bond with your guides and helpers is by inviting them. Through this gesture we show respect and open up to their assistance. At the same time we change our awareness and set the intention to work with them. Of course guides and helpers also have their free will and they do not need to work with us, if they do not want to. Therefor inviting them is a good option of leaving enough space to consider their free will. Through my experience I can say that I never ever had problems that they decided not to work with me at anytime when I ask them for help or guidance.

Create space for Spirit Guides and Helpers

I personally think that it is important that we also create personal space for them. This does not automatically mean that you have to use one room in your house for your guides and helpers. Moreover it means that you create free space in your every day life for building the connection with your guides and form a bond. Take some time off from your daily routine, place yourself in a quiet space and relax. You maybe want to close your eyes and direct your awareness inwards. Even if you only got just 10 min a day to practice this you will see that after a short while you will feel your connection to your spirit guides and helpers to reinforcing.

Talking to your Spirit Guides and Helpers

Talk to your Spirit Guides and Helpers and you will feel your connection growing. Even if you do not get any answer in the first place, that does not mean, that your spirit guides and helpers do not hear you. They definetly do and sometimes their responds can come in many different ways such as signs, synchronicities, coencidents etc. If you are surrounded by people or uncertain on how to speak to your spirit guides, you do not need to speak every word out loud. Instead of that you can also keep the conversation in your head.

Some people are getting confused or uncertain as they do have a specific expectations of what their spirit guides and helpers should look like or how they want to receive their support and guidance.
I believe it is very important to make sure before you connect what you want. Do you want to form a closer bond? Are you looking for a solution for a specific problem? Do you need some healing or guidance in a difficult situation?
It is helpful to make up your mind before you connect with them.

How to choose a Spirit Guide and Helper

Through my experience I would say, we can´t choose them, they choose us. Following the principle of “When the student is ready – the teacher appears”.
Remember that they can take on any form they want, in most cases it is a form which is familiar to us because it is then easier to recognize them.
Another problem for many people is that their spirit guides and helpers do not all appear at the same time. Of course not as they know when and how to appear, better than we do therefor trust and surrender to anything that happens.

The occassion that we all have the ability to work with spirit guides and helpers is that we are here on this earth to grow, to change and to go over our limits to explore ourselves. Sometimes these times can be fearful, or scary but always during those periods we progress in knowledge and that is what life is all about. Our Spirit Guides and Helpers already know about life’s challenges and they have been there, at least most of them, but this is another topic, that could be discussed.

Your spirit guides and helpers are there to help, direct, support, protect and guide you. It is up to you if you want to work with them, or just leave them where they are unheard.

If you are uncertain on how to connect with your spirit guides, you would like to get some extra support or even help to connect with them. Please get in touch with me and we can arrange a personal “spirit guide and helper session” (Spiritual Mentoring) here.

I am happy to help and assist you.

Much love,

Julie xxx

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