Julie – The secret power of rituals II (Healing)

In the former article I talked about the different reasons for a ritual. Giving Thanks is a very magical and powerful reason to connect your soul with the world seen and unseen. Today I want to focus more on healing rituals.

Many people often saying they are too busy for doing any rituals and that is fine. I know for myself how hard it is to stop even just a moment to get out of the rat-race, to still your own mind and let go of your daily thoughts and worries.

Other people think that rituals aren´t for them, they are uncertain about what rituals all about and often not sure on how to do a ritual. That is absolutely ok as well, because expressing your soul through a ritual is not something that we learnt in school. We´d rather solve problems with our logical minds, than working with our feelings or hands on solutions.

This definitely is part of the western cultural and educational system, especially in our modern society. But our soul doesn´t bother, our soul wants to express itself in many ways and doing a ritual can be part of it.

When people experience a crisis in their life, mainly if it has to do with their own health, suddenly they start opening up to other approaches. I experienced friends who have never been open to any spirituality or holistic healing until they faced the failing of pharmaceutical industry. After seeing a lot of different specialists receiving many drugs and treatments and all of them failed, these people suddenly opened up to a different point of view.

The more we open up, the more we realize how powerful different healing techniques can be for our own benefit.

For me personally I do strongly believe, that everything can be healed and I´ve seen people recovering from terminal illnesses and other diseases after seeing a shaman, or receive other holistic therapies but also following the healers advice on changing the lifestyle permanently.

My mother who is a homeopathic and reflexologist for about 35 years now always used to say:

„Every illness has its origin in the human spirit.“

For many years I could not understand what she meant, but today I know what she was talking about. Never underestimate the power of your own thoughts and your own soul. Before anything embodies in the material world or in the physical it has to be in the non material/spiritual first.

For example, many people these days facing burn-outs from not only working too much, but also in a job they don´t like. Going or doing things you don´t like over years will of course create disharmony in your well-being. This starts mentally, emotionally and after a while will be expressed physically. This is a natural law.
If you plant a flower in the wrong spot, it won´t grow. The same with ourselves, stucking in a job, relationship, place or life we don´t like will make us depressive, tired, aggressive, empty, lonely, unhappy and sick at one point.

Healing Ritual

A healing ritual can be used to re-balance body, mind and soul. By making time and effort and creating the space for healing the first step towards well-being/recovering is done.
A healing ritual can also mean that we should go to see a healer, shaman, therapist, receiving a massage, visiting a sacred place in nature, or changing your thoughts.

Create positive affirmations and place them were you can see them daily to remind you.
Doing a healing ritual is of course a very personal process and we might want to be alone when facing our worries and fears. That is alright. But there lies a power within receiving healing and reaching out to others for help.

Facing your worries and sorrows is the first step in the direction of healing. Ask the world seen and unseen for healing and help in your recovery process, as your voice is always heard and will be answered in many different ways. That can be a helping hand, a sudden unexpected coincidence, a thought, an idea or inspiration that leads you into the right direction.

We often forget that especially a crisis offers a turning point for the better, even it doesn´t look like that from the beginning. Suddenly we got the courage, the drive, the will to do what we always wanted to do or dreamt of doing.

Struggling with health issues is nothing more than your soul telling you that something is not ok and it needs special attention to get sorted.

I had a friend who suffered from cancer and she went through all the chemotherapy and it was such a tough time. I remember her saying over many years that she was really fed up with her job and had struggle in her family life. But she never did anything to face those problems or solve them, rather tried to avoid them. So she got all these treatments and after a while the cancer dissappeared, she recoverd slowly and went back into her old life. Just a year later, the cancer returned and she needed to go to hospital again. It was quite a shock for all of us, especially for herself and this time she said to me that she would be ready to give up. She did not want to go through all these treatments again, she would rather die. So she arranged everything from her finances, to her family issues and got a place for a medically assisted suicide in Switzerland. I felt so helpless, I don´t wanted her to give up, but how could I help her?

Suddenly a thought popped into my mind, I knew a shaman who has worked with me a lot in England. So I contacted him and asked him for help. He agreed in helping my friend, but she needed to follow his advice, if not he could not help her and the healing would not take place. My friend agreed in everything the shaman said to her and he did a distant healing ritual. Before that he sent 10 pages of written text that my friend would understand her own state of being, the healing process and how she had to change her life. I was absolutely amazed, how shamans clasify cancer and I really looked forward to the healing process.

So she recieved the healing and after that a 3 day healing crisis took place. She couldn´t get out of bed, had to throw up, nightmares and cried for three days and nights. She said it was absolutely terrifying. But after these days she felt totally different than ever before in her life. She realized that she was holding on to a lot of anger and pain from the past. All these issues suddenly appeared and she faced them. When she went back into hospital two weeks later the doctors were certainly suprised that the cancer cells had dramatically decreased without any chemotherapy.

My friend found the courage to quit her job and moved into a smaller flat, as she always dreamt of living in Sri Lanka, but was too afraid to do it. Now she gained the strength, as she said she was ready to die and somehow she died through those three days. A very old part of herself died and she was reborn emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. I felt so released and happy, because I could feel her soul longing for that major change in her life and now she was able to do it. As she always found a reason before that to deny her soul desire.
Only through the „healing“ crisis she found the courage to live her dream, was able to free herself from guilt, shame and fear that held her back for such a long time.
Now, she just moved to Sri Lanka and I know that the cancer won´t return as her soul is now free to express itself, in a way she always dreamt of.

Doing a healing ritual sometimes only means to take some time off. Spend some time alone, conect with your own soul, reflect what is causing you problems, sorrow and unhappiness.
But also take some time and treat yourself to things you enjoy and which make you happy. If you do so, your soul will thank you with even more happiness. Your souls origin is pure love and happiness and wants to expand and be expressed in so many ways. If this is not possible, your spirit starts to suffer, the longer you supress your individual soul expression the more certain you will suffer from physical disease.

I would love to share a quote with you from a very awake lady who changed the lives of so many, including mine, through her dance teachings.

Gabrielle Roth the founder of the 5 Rhythm Dance:

„In many shamanic societies,

if you came to a medicine person complaining about being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask you one of four questions:

When did you stop dancing? When did you stop singing? When did you stop being enchanted by stories? When did you stop finding comfort in the territory of silence?“

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