Julie – Past Lives – The unresolved mistery

Do you believe in past lives? You think you have lived before as someone else? Or do you think, it is impossible and there is absolutely no reason to believe in previous lives?

Whatever you think, you probably right. Past lives are still an unresolved mystery and always good to start controversial discussion. Some people are convinced they have been here before, others are sceptic. Over the centuries many religious philosophical concepts have been created to discover the truth about the unchanging self, the soul. Some of these concepts strongly belief in the necessity of reincarnation and others totally deny this idea. To give you a brief insight, I tried to put some of main religious view together and compared their ideas. I am not responsible for the correctness of these information, I just searched in the internet and put together what I found:

The Bible says, that man is created in God´s image, with both a material body and an immortal soul & spirit. So when we die we go to hell or to heaven, that depends how we lived and praised the Creator. Any memories of past lives must be from other living beings, souls of dead humans in purgatory or hell, or demons. The Bible is speaking of a resurrection to everlasting life as a spirit being— not simply a temporary restoration to life in a physical body. In several places in the Bible individuals were restored to physical life prior to the resurrection of Jesus. But they all died again. ( -ucg.org 2015)

Its been said that souls go after bodily death to the World of Souls and the souls there do exist in disembodied states. Resurrection as such is not reincarnation, it is the reunification of the soul with the former body, into the world to come. Purpose of resurrection is the reward body with eternity and the soul with higher perfection. Resurrection is a time of reward, reincarnation is a time for preparing. Resurrection is a time of reaping, reincarnation a time of sowing. As long as a person is unsuccessful in his purpose in this world, the Holy One, uproots him and replants him over and over again.

When a person dies, God takes his/her soul. A soon as a human dies a is barrier immediately in place. This barrier prevents his/her from returning to earth. This barrier is maintained until the day of resurrection.

There is no eternal soul as such, but a stream of consciousness. There are 5 or 6 realms of existence including the human form. Any kind of animal and several types of supernatural being. In Tibetan Buddhism its been said that it is very rare to be reborn in immediate next life as a human.

Its been said that you reincarnate as another living being, that depends on your karmic inheritance.

So great, where we are going from here now? Many different point of views, how can we ever know who is right or wrong? Can science help by looking into the different aspects of Quantum physics?

If we do agree that consciousness is eternal, made and consists of energy so it can´t be destroyed nor created, it will always exist somehow. Somewhere.

There are people they say, it is not of any value for them to know if they lived before or not, others don´t care if their consciousness does survive physical death. That is alright, not everyone is interested or open for the same things. But once you start out on the road less travelled to explore whats inside of you, you will reach that crossroad and ask yourself this question. Who am I?

You will explore your physical self, its limitations and blockages, your limited mind and brain with all its belief systems, certain habits and behaviours. But you also will explore a lot of gifts and talents you have, things you like and dislike. All of that forms the unique you, or that what you think is you. Someone could argument now, well we all have been raised by our parents (or someone elses), been educated, programmed, trained since we were born. Of course we picked up on mannerism and characteristics, we might have certain genetic dispositional and our minds and brains have been shaped over the years. And still there is something inside of us that is not that easy to grasp, but that also is part of our very being. That something could be named as your soul and is with you since you were born, or maybe before?

It is very hard to explain, but your soul maybe creates something inside of you that is difficult to explain. Something that creates a dull, an urge, a calling inside of you and you have no idea why or where it is coming from. You feel drawn to something, a place, a person and you can´t explain why? You might discover gifts and talents, interests that have nothing to do with your family or relatives. You feel very much at home at places you never visited before, suddenly you remember things and you can´t explain why or where this came from. I am not talking about visions with your third eye, this goes deeper, this creates something inside of you. A longing, a desire and somehow it seems like not from this world, as you can´t explain it logically, but somehow it is calling you. Something inside of you remembers. There are a lot of books on the market about past lives and they are all different.

But I found the one very interesting which were about children who remembered and spoke about previous lives. There is a little girl in the USA born to american parents and never been to Japan and not connection to Japan whatsoever. Suddenly when this girl turned two, she started to speak Japanese and longed for eating fish and rice. The parents very obviously irritated.

There is another example of a little boy from Scotland who remembered his past life and really got upset and depressed because he missed his former mother that much. I put his video here:

There are lots of such documented experiences and scientist all over the world are trying to discover the deeper truth of such appearances. The more we open up, the more we will gain more information, insights and new realizations. I am not here to convince anyone, but I want to inspire or plant the seed of possibilities. Long enough we disguised ourselves behind a wall of ignorance, now its time to look behind the veil. I want to add that the truth can only be discovered by exploring and having your own experiences. So let ´s just stay open on our journey of self-exploration and see what happens. Who knows where it leads to?

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