The truth will set you free – Neil Freeman on the land

IMG_20151120_150600The first time when I met Neil I have been giving healing to the homeless in Southend, Essex. Neil was sitting on the pavement with his dog and enjoyed a cup of tea and a hot meal. Something inside of me told me that I should sit next to him and start a conversation. I did as I was told and immediatetly I could sense that there was something with his energy that was different from the other rough sleepers I met before.

We started talking and very soon I realized that Neil carried a very deep wisdom and I couldn’t wait to hear more about his story. When I asked him why he is homeless he looked at me and smiled: “I am not homeless. I am a Freeman on the land and this is my truth!”
I heard from the saying of Freeman on the land before and also met some of them when I stayed in Glastonbury. So I was even more excited to meet Neil and speak to him about his personal experiences and his conviction. Neil told me, that he started practicing Yoga when he was 25 years old and this journey has led him to a deeper understanding of the universe and himself.

It’s not that Yoga is only good for your body to stretch all your muscles and increases your energy level. But through Yoga we are closer to God, the universal life-force and all that is. “My heartbeat is in alignment with the earth frequency and this only can happen because I live on the land.” Neil said. I was astonished, of course I know that connecting with nature has a positive impact on our health and well-being but this opened a totally new perception that I haven’t really thought about before.

Many people do blame Freeman on the land for not paying taxes, being dirty, irresponsible or lazy. But exactly the opposite is the case as making such a choice and living with no safety net, as well as not security for the next day makes them more responsible than many of us. It takes a strong mindset, will and a lot of trust that everything will be provided for you at the right time. Neil has been working all his life in different jobs, lived in flats and still found himself quite far away from his own truth.

“I want to be free. Live the way I want to without anyone telling me what to do. Furthermore I found myself often in a position where people did not treat me as equal. Landlords expect me to pay rent and if I ask them to fix or do anything they suddenly didn’t respond to any of my requests.” Working in a job he didn’t like, being locked up in building or tight schedules that don’t allow free expression of the self is not a life Neil is made for. Maybe none of us are but we still accept the authority from the outside as given. As something that we need to agree to as we don’t know any better. The more we chase the road of false security and safety the more we lose who we truly are. Eternal beings having a material experience. Instead we experience ourselves as material beings having an eternal being full of worries, suffer and fear.

“Only the truth can set you free. Sometimes it does hurt but its the truth and we can’t deny it”. When I asked him what the truth actually would be he put his hand on his heart and said: “Its in here…I can’t tell you what it is you will need to find out for yourself”. Neil is not one of those who do run around and try to mission other people to change or look deeper but he lives his truth whatever that means to him and inspires others by his example. “Look at my dog. I don’t tell him what to do. I guide him that he can become a responsible dog for himself. He will need to respect me and knows his boundaries therefore I show him that. But he is only a puppy so I guide him in the process of growing up.”

While I spent a day with Neil for this interview I could experience what he meant by that and how well-behaved his dog was. Calm and gentle and also accepting Neil’s guidance totally. I could clearly feel that both of them do trust each other 100% and give exactly what they have to offer.

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Neil is also a Shiatsu Master and creates his own remedies for health and well-being all based on organic ingredients and in alignment with the earth. “When you take something from this planet you also have the responsibility to give something back. Don’t throw away your waste. Be mindful what you do with mother nature and how you can help to create a long-lasting ecosystem.”

There is no blame or grudge in his words about society nor anything that gave me the impression he would be on war with the government. “I just disagree with their rules that is all. I want to live how I want to live and I don’t harm anyone. They should just let me be who I am and I will leave them”. Again I felt this energy when Neil talks from somewhere out of himself, this process he calls channeling. “I am very connected with my surrounding and with spirit. This is the way I live in harmony with the whole universe. I am always exactly given what I need and happy to share what I have as only if we share we give something back.” Neil took me to the place where he lived and I couldn’t imagine to stay in a tent during the winter months. It must be so cold and lonely. But he just smiled at me and said: “You wont believe how warm it is in the tent, I got all these cushions and also my dog. I can also make a fire for cooking and to warm me up.”

When I asked him if he would ever again live in a flat if someone would donate it or even a caravan, he denied. “No never. I need to live on the land and feel the wind in my hair and the earth below my feet. If someone would donate me a flat I would give it to the rough sleepers. And about the caravan I would use it for healing purpose. So people could come and I can offer them shiatsu treatments, healing and a space to relax.”

Neil is 47 now and he is not afraid of the future furthermore he has a dream, a purpose to live his truth and bring healing to more people.

When I went home after my interview with Neil, I had to think a lot about my own life, my inner truth and what it meant to me. I am very authentic and know what I feel but meeting Neil has stirred something up in me. I had the feeling that I needed to ground myself, to bring my both feet back on the earth and align my heartbeat with the earth. Realizing that I still spent too much time in front of a computer and also have problems to speak my truth sometimes. Yes, the truth will set us free if we allow it to have space in our lives. The truth can be painful but it is only to peel away the layer of illusion, separation to give more power to the divine life-force that always works in our favor.

Suddenly I felt the deep need to book a Shiatsu treatment with Neil, not only to help him out with money but furthermore I felt it would be important for living my own truth. Maybe that is what I needed at this moment for grounding myself and bring me back into my very own center. I do know about being a healer and how your personal process and development plays a role in the quality of healing others.

I am very happy that I met Neil, it was a very profound experience to listen to his story and dwell in his energy. Hopefully more people do wake up to their own inner truth and also meet Neil to be healed and inspired by a man who decided to be at one with the inner and outer world on his own terms.

So much love,

Julie xxx

If anyone is interested in getting in touch with Neil for a Shiatsu Treatment in Southend (Essex) please me an email and I can give you his contact details. He has a room he can rent in Southend (Essex) for his treatments and I can only say its worth every penny.

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