BOS Team – Sukirat Kaur Bahra – Past Life Regressionist

You always wanted to discover your past life? Are you experiencing some issues, blockages or phobias in your current life and you don´t know where they are coming from?

A past life regression can be really helpful to explore your subconsciousness and gain more insights about experiences you had that you brought with you in this life. The release of trauma, blockages and phobias is a powerful experience and will speed up your way to progress further in life.

Our Past-Life Regressionist Sukirat will assist you on your journey into the depth of your past life.

My name is Sukirat Kaur Bahra and I am the Co-founder of Blossom of the Soul. I am based in London where I met Julie Jurgan and together developed the idea of bringing “Blossom of the Soul” into existence. My profession is hypnotism in which I am specialised in past life regression, Chakra opening and Deep Relaxation Therapy. In addition to that I am a shamanic healer and offer energetic cleansing, Chakra healing and karmic blockage release. I am in deep love with my work as it enables me to go deeper into a person’s subconscious/mind/soul/spirit and heal the individual.

Helping others in getting answers to their questions and healing them is what I strive for. It gives me immense pleasure when people are healed and I can see them living their living authentic self.

“We all are evolving at our own speed , I want to help my fellow earthlings to evolve everyday with me and I try my best to help them discover their paths “.

Past life regression :- £60/hour(Skype Service available)
Relaxation therapy :- £30/hour (Skype Service available)
Chakra opening :- £30/hour (Skype Service available)

“Life is beautiful and we earthlings are powerful. I will help you discover that inner power that makes u and me and everyone unique and beautiful. I will be your facilitator / guide throughout ur journey and I am one message away from you.”

Please look here to get more information or book an appointment with Sukirat.

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