Julie – What does faith mean to you? (Spiritualism)

What does faith mean to you? Have you ever question the thought of having faith? There are many people who do believe in God, a higher power or intelligence. The description of faith often depends on the individual culture and religion. While the more native cultures believe in nature and it´s natural laws they do not need to name it God or personalize it. That is different to other religions like Hindus, Buddhists, Moslems or Christians. They do believe in personalized forms and call them God, Allah, Buddha, or any other Goddess Name. But Religion can be understood as an organized collection of beliefs, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to an order of existence. (1)

Religion became a big word these days. People experience religion and going to church as boring, dogmatic or even useless. They are not able feel any connection to the things that people say during a service in the church. They are not able to feel God, nor what it means to be connected. Other people may say that religion and the church caused so many problems in the last centuries that they do not agree with it. Of course, there were many bad things done, but just because of dogmatic religious views. But that doesn´t mean that we still need following this path. Furthermore there have been a lot of non dogmatic religious views also being established since humankind was born. The Native American or the shamans all over the world do a lot of spiritual and religious practice without being dogmatic or even missionary. They celebrate their faith without harming anyone. Their world view includes living close to nature as well as healing with nature. This is their connection to God.

As you see, having faith or practicing your religious view does not always include to follow blindly what´s been said, or always believing what others told you. The native people can teach us a lot about our individual connection to God, as well as our individual way of life. Feeling connected to the world around you especially nature and it´s natural laws will help to live our life in balance.

Nowadays the People are more educated than ever before, science has proved many things and lead to a new understanding of the world. Because of that, the world needs a new understanding of religion and faith too. The old, dogmatic teachings are not acceptable anymore and this is the chance to rise to new spiritual dimension.

If we take a look at the modern social development, we realize that less religion and faith causes more and more an unnatural environment. This is full of selfishness, emptiness and heartlessness. The best example for that is the growing crime scene, increasing depression and the ambitions spurred the people to success, because there is nothing more worth than having money and earn more money.
What is on the outside is more important than what´s inside. And even if you don´t feel fine inside, don´t show it, better cope it, and fake a smile.
If we take a look at the native cultures we won´t find this problems at all. Because their faith is holding them together, showing them their natural way of life, without any doubts.

These days, humanity seems to fall out of its natural existence, unable to find peace, true love and a sense for individual needs.

Therefore it is time to go back to our natural needs, which also can be found in our ability to have faith.
If we feel unable to handle it all, why not put our deepest trust into God? Knowing, not believing, that he will arrange the best for us? This sounds so easy, but for most of us, it isn´t. How can people believe in something that has never been proved? Well, God don´t need to be a personalized Goddess, it can be more understood as the natural laws we are living with. These natural laws which create all life here on earth have already been proved by science and personal experience of many people.

Through increased technology, humankind gets more and more separated to the natural flow of life. Nature becomes something horrible, uncontrollable and at last a destroying power. But it is not. The endless life force is caring, loving and provides everything we need to grow. Every time.

The Spiritualist Movement offers a non dogmatic and absolutely unique world view. Everyone needs to make own experience to shape and deepen their individual believe and worldview. Spiritualism is not only a religion it is also a science as well as a philosophy and is open to everyone, no matter of religious view or race. Spiritualism offers the opportunity to find a unique way into spiritual connection and understanding without any dogmatic rules.

There are seven principles in this movement which act like guidelines and orientation in our chaotic times. These principles are offering a natural order of ethics and worldviews which are suitable for everyone, every time. My philosophy today is related to the first principle, which is: “The fatherhood of God” This powerful principle, gives a good understanding on how important it is to have faith and trust in life itself. We all live by natural laws and they are valid all the time. Only if we go back to our natural ability of having faith, we will be able to receive the power and the endless love which the fatherhood of God has to offer. All the time.

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