The living Tarot – by AJ Deluise ( Poem)

Life’s labyrinth has many paths out and in one white wing virtue and one black wing sin. Traveling opens more of the soul map within. Collecting elements of experience for your own elixir of life’s consciousness cauldron. The times get dark and your inner children are bored. The world can become a negative intervenes that feeds on life force.

False Olympics of success, traditions, miscommunications chronological curses and unneeded stress. So much to the master plan to harmonize the soul Vitruvian man. Ventriloquist of emotion creates a split in are thought planet a new atom. To find some beautiful soul tarot in patterns of the night sky. Lanterns and love and peace in life’s movie to live the deleted scene to live the deleted scene and become life’s liberator as your craft connects you to your creator.

The family mind the environmental the universal as I’m not mental cause I’m elemental. I am betwixt to find a place where I can manifest the limitless in-between as we live the deleted scene as we live the deleted scene to be a cell in a cosmic body mazzaroth memory museum.

My true soul path to live full zodiac and begin life again new earth birth death rebirth.

To the seen and unseen to live the deleted scene to live the deleted scene.

When your eyes glowed with joy I knew you were saving memory golden ones.

And when your eyes looked distant I knew it was then you saw life without me.

Now I can only see you if I close my eyes.

You gave me a mirror into myself.

Your eyes to mine were two mirrors on the day I saw this if we both looked into each other are love would be infinite cause it would go on forever!!!!

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