Paul Jacobs – Spiritualist Medium, Teacher & Mentor

Before I met Paul Jacobs at the Arthur Findlay College I did not know much about mediumship nor where this path would take me. I only knew that I had this urge, this feeling inside my chest and I needed to find out what it was all about.

paul-jacobsPaul Jacobs is a spiritualist medium, teacher, philosopher and mentor. He works at the Arthur Findlay College in England and at the Zwaanenhof in the Netherlands. He also runs his own spiritual Center called “House of Spirit” in Hannover, Germany. For many years Paul went through his own spiritual transformation and development alongside of Gordon Higginson to become one of the most respected mediums.

His passion for the work with spirit has encouraged many people to develop their very own spiritual gifts all over the world. Only if you would bring God into your very own mediumship you would reach your potential to realize that you are infinite.

We develop the power to unfold the gifts of THE SPIRIT

– Paul Jacobs

Being of service, inspiring and touching the hearts of so many is Paul’s mission and his teaching reach out to those who are ready for more. It is not all about you and your ego, it is about the communication, the reunion of the two worlds that have been separated for such a long time and the natural unfoldment of your own spirit.
Nowadays more and more people open up to a new way of consciousness, another reality and do realize that the highest power lies within. Along this path, Paul and his team of great mediums such as Biagio Tropeano, Andrew Byng, John Johnson, Chris Drew, Jose Gosschalk, Jacky Wright and others are there to help and assist you to explore and unfold your own spiritual gifts of mediumship.

Through Paul I learnt what it meant to work on myself and to believe in what I felt inside of me. I realized the more I would work on a clear understanding of myself the clearer the communication with the spirit world would take place. This was only the beginning of my very own spiritual awakening journey and suddenly I found myself exploring a world that I never imagined would exist.

The work with Paul and his team guided me deeper into an understanding of a truth that I didn’t learn at school. It showed me a world that had no limits nor boundaries, where eternity is not only a word but a place where I would find myself. It took me far behind my old belief systems and opened me up like a horizon on the sea. Suddenly I found myself stumbling from excitement to shock, realisation and desperation. Wondering, asking what I have been told all those years. That I have been afraid of death, suffered from my separation with God and my loved Ones who passed over to the spirit world and denied my very own soul expression for so many years. Within this moment the veil of my own blindness lifted and I was able to see clearly, to touch the spirit within.

I am very thankful that the universe has guided me into the right direction and I was able to learn discipline and support, experienced challenges and encouragement, opportunities and limits, laughter and tears, inspiration and transparency. And most of all I found a place where I felt very much at home for the first time in my life. Realizing that my inner calling was my spirit who wanted desperately to be set free.

When I look back today I can still remember the moment when it felt as that I would lose everything, everything that I thought was my so-called reality. Only to open up to a new perspective of life and death and a truth that should become my new way of life.

The spiritual path is an exciting way, the more we explore ourselves the more we lose our old selves. This can be a very frightening process and it is good to know to be in good hands. To be guided by people who have walked the path themselves before and know about the ups and downs. People who still thrive for more, because the passion comes from within and only if we can keep that fire burning we are able to be a light for others.

My life has changed completely and I would like to thank you Paul Jacobs for being the spark that ignited my soul.


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