Mabon – Autumn Equinox in Paganism

Autumn is a very special time of the year, it holds within the gratitude of harvest time. The fields are nearly empty and humans and animals are preparing themselves for the darker times to come. The energy is slowly turning inwards again and the season of self-reflection begins. This time of the year is very special to many people who have chosen the pagan or wiccan spiritual path. Autumn Equinox in Paganism holds within the opportunity to give thanks for the abundance of the year, as well as any other blessings. In Paganism the recognition of nature and its natural cycles is a profound way of life. These people are very close connected to the land and it’s always changing appearance during the season. Different than in many other religions, the pagans do not believe in a personalized god, furthermore the creations found in nature are symbolic and powerful enough to show a higher power. Symbolic the worship takes place by naming the feminine and the masculine.

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The light and the darkness are equally important, as they are necessary to create all life here on earth. There is no space for judgmental thinking and pagans do accept the bright and light site as much as the darker times. Both are part of life and shape human, animals and nature in forms we experience here on earth. The inside is as important as the outside, and both we should give same respect and attention. Many pagans are very eco-friendly people and try to live in harmony with nature, which also includes to harm her as little as possible. During the Autumn Equinox the Pagans do celebrate the equal amount of day and night. Dressed in wonderful costumes, the pagans honour the earth and its blessings, dancing, singing and creating a wonderful atmosphere of unity and love. This year I went to celebrate Mabon in England at Thornborough Henge, which is a very special place to be.


The people are so welcoming, respecting each other and giving you a deep feeling of reconnecting with what is really important. I would like to thank everyone who made this day so special and put all their effort and love into the Mabon Celebration. It was a fantastic day and I will hold on to its memories till the Spring Equinox next year. May you all be blessed and walk your ways in harmony and love.

Love and light,


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