This Witch’s Healing & Magick – by Kelsey

I love to work with the EARTH, I always work with the ELEMENTS
and I Worship Gaia – Mother Earth


Our Earth is precious, irreplaceable, so continued respect and healing of this wonderful planet we happen to inhabit is imperative. Our world does not belong to one person, to one nation, to one culture, She is OURS, EVERYONE’S!!!
Look after her, give her continued love and healing and I promise you your life will change forever.

How often can you honestly say that you take a walk and actually notice the world around you. How often do you really pay attention, whether in a busy town or taking a walk in the garden?
The key to receive healing from Gaia is to totally immerse yourself in the wonders she offers. Take a walk into your garden, or any green space available. Sunrise or sunset is beautiful times of the day to be with Gaia, however the darkness, the silence of the night with only you and Lady Moon (and in my case a cat or two!), for company should be experienced often!

Dont worry about the weather!! Be brave and embrace all that comes and it is such fun! Just be, stand barefooted on the earth, feel it beneath your feet, close your eyes, connect with everything under you, with everything around you. Be aware of the fact that the Earth is the bringer of life, of death, of rebirth and transformation.

The elements around you at this time enable this Magickal happening!

Over the coming months, I have been asked by Julie of Blossom of the Soul to offer my experiences with regard to Healing, Ritual and Spellweaving, This Witch’s Way!

I feel Blessed and Honoured to have been asked this and I am excited about sharing my knowledge with you all.

Until then…………

Listen to the Wind – Whispering secrets
Stand in the Rain – Let your soul be cleansed
Stomp in some muddy Earth – Be connected to Gaia
Bask in the Sun – He brings life
Moonbathe often – Be at one with the Sacred Feminine
Watch the clouds turn from white to grey – They will bring you Vision
Embrace Gaia – She will HEAL you

Blessed Be – Kelsey

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