About loving yourself

Do you like yourself the way you are?

Knowing that you are not perfect?
What kind of thoughts are in your mind by looking in the mirror?

Are you blaming yourself?
Comparing with others seems to be a kind of human nature.

Maybe you got a big nose, small ears or your belly feels too fat.
So what?

There will be always people looking or doing better than you.
Are they more worthy than you?

Who says that?

Remember yourself being a child. Did you ever spend a thought about your look?
Kleines Mädchen gießt Blumen

You were exploring the world and its secrets. What has changed since then?

Perfectionism is not something new. There have always been human cultures based on an ideal of beauty. But in modern times it has changed from a natural ideal to a technical one, which means the computer technology creates superficial reality.

It is impossible to reach a computer manipulated fake ideal.
Uncertainty, deficiency and the missing self-esteem are affecting our social behavior.

The TV and Computer has changed our lives forever. Striving for Show-Perfection seems to be the new life-goal. Show must go on.

Have you ever been in a forest and observed the trees? Have you noticed that no tree looks like the other?
They grow from here to there, just because their aim is to grow, to live.
Have you ever thought about finding the perfect tree? Or wished they should look all the same?

No? Why not?

Isn´t their individuality their beauty?

Why is it so hard to be like these trees? We are losing the connection to our natural roots.

Running around 24/7 just for reaching goals, which are not ours. Living in a self-made world which leads us to depression and fear. Unable to get out of the cage called perfectionism.

Take a look in the mirror. What makes you special? What is your individuality?

Go out in the forest and feel the connection with nature. Experience your own individuality as a part of divine creation.

Existence loves you.

(featured image – huffingtonpost.com)

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