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Kelsey Ircsik Teeley is a great lady and a powerful woman. She runs her own little witchcraft & spiritual center in Billingham in the North of England. I am really grateful that I met this women along my path and felt very appreciated and welcome in her company. I am happy she is telling her story today to show the world that we need more people walking their own spiritual path! Authentic living for me means to express and find yourself in all that you do! So much love xxx


I never consciously chose the Spiritual, Psychic, Healing, Creative or Intuitive path my life has taken over the last 30 years. It has evolved over that time to where it has led me today.

Firstly I am a wife and a mother of three, secondly I am a Witch and thirdly, well I am ME!!

My roots lay within Witchcraft and I have practiced this for longer than I actually care to remember.
The Ways and the Deities of Old are my life. When I first started on this path, I had no internet at hand like we all take for granted today. My learning was down to library books (I paid a small fortune in overdue fees!!), reading these books, noting recommendations for other books to read and asking the librarian to order them in for me, (all the while her with an odd look on her face) Making a hash of lots and lots, but as they say practice makes perfect.

This Earth Based Magical way of life seemed right for me for the start. I felt comfortable, I felt at ease, I learned from Wheel of the Year, I learned from The Moon and all that they brought into my life.
I practice an eclectic approach and take inspiration from other religions and cultures around the world of which many run alongside the Ethos of The Craft

Certain elements of The Craft I ALWAYS adhere too ie

The Wiccan Rede
The Three Fold Law
The Wheel Of The Year
The Moon Cycle
Invocation of the Goddess
Ritual Laws

I first initiated to The Craft at age 19 and I worked as a Solitary Witch for many years following that. My Second Degree started aged 20 and I stayed at this level for nigh on 24 years, continuously, reading, studying, researching, practising, until I felt comfortable to progress to my Third Degree – High Priestess training. I completed this 4 years ago.

When I look back I would have loved someone to share with, although my family and close friends knew of my path to be able to share with like-minded people would have been amazing. Solitary, as the word means, can be very lonely.
Traditionally you study for a Year and Day before Dedicating your life to The Craft. I now run a course, strangely enough over A Year and a Day!, for people who feel a resonance to The Craft, or for people who are genuinely interested.

I cover all the basics, from The History of Witchcraft through The Burning Times right up until today along with all that will teach a person whether this way of life is for them. At the end of the course, there is a chance to Dedicate to The Craft within Ritual should that person choose to do so. The Craft is always based on freewill.
One of the reasons I started delivering this course was out of concern really. So many people have access to so much information nowadays, and not all information is correct. You really shouldn’t as a non practising Witch, pick up a spell book choose one from the pages, follow the instructions and hope for the best, or make a wand and expect all the elements to work together without knowing what you are actually creating.
Witchcraft can be very alluring to many, and to many for the wrong reasons. You have understand the power behind it. Know the intent you are setting and be aware of the darker side and be able to protect yourself.
I am now High Priestess with my own Coven with adored Sisters at my side. This is what I have worked and strived for years and is precious to me.

Sometimes people from the course are invited to Initiate into my Coven should I, my Sisters and Dedicants feel this is right.

12003127_10153680583742148_2794222851983769147_nI hope that I have managed to bring The Craft up to date, so to speak without losing any of its traditional roots and essence. We don’t live in the dark ages anymore so my teaching has taken a more evolved route, times change we have to progress to point to be able to relate the old with the new.

So ask yourself?

Do the mysteries of the earth, life, birth and death fascinate you?
Do you have a thirst for knowledge?
Do ancient stories, myths and legends resonate with you?
Have you had extraordinary experiences that can’t be explained?
Are you perceptive and notice energy in people and all living things?
Do you feel you need to be true to your heart?
Does the Moon affect you in any way at all?
Do the seasons and elements excite you?

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