Easy steps to improve your life with Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a powerful tool to bring more harmony and beneficial energy into your life. I think it is more important these days than it ever before because we slowly lose our connection to nature and our natural surroundings.

Our modern way of life, full of fast changes, hustle and bustle, noise, stress and a lot of uncontrollable circumstances does affect our life in a very unhealthy way. These factors do lead to insomnia, burn-out, nervous tensions and a lack of energy.

In long-term this can cause serious illnesses if we don’t find away to step back into a healthy balance with our natural rhythms and the connection with our environment.

Feng Shui will help you to connect with the healing power of the environment and this can take place in different ways as Feng Shui is a Science and an Art. It includes the understanding of oneself including our personal needs and biorhythms as well as the natural cycles of natures and its influence on our well-being.

In its essence Feng Shui (indoor) is all about activating the natural flow of Qi (Life force) in a property. If Qi is blocked in a property it will stagnate and causes different energetic circumstances that will lead to health issues.

Feng Shui is a complex system that works on many different levels but it is possible to start with the first level to improve your current life situation. The more you get into Feng Shui, the more you realize that you will need an expert at hand to solve the more complex energetic problems. But for now I would like to provide some simple steps on how you can improve your life by following these simple rules to activate the Qi-Flow in your house/flat.

Simple steps to activate the Qi Flow within your house/flat:

1. Clear out the clutter
It is very important that you regularly clear out the clutter in your home. We tend to collect things and hold on to them with the thought we might need them at some point. This is in not true in most cases and causes not only blockages of Qi-Flow in our home but also in ourselves. So start being honest to yourself and take one corner at a time. Give away and get rid of things that you haven’t used the last 6 month. You will see that you won’t miss them anyway and how released you feel afterwards.

2. Tidy up on a regular base
In modern times we seem to have less time for tiding up our houses even if we have the benefits of modern technology. We still find ourselves avoiding a good tidy up now and again. There is something meditative in tidying up we only experience when we do it as everything that we do on the outside does energetically something within us. So when you tidy up your house or even your room and restore the natural order you will see how you will feel afterwards within yourself as well.

3. Reduce electromagnetic Pollution
Many people underestimate the electromagnetic pollution that surrounds us via our computers, smartphones and all the other gifts of modern technology. Most of the people don’t even realize how this electromagnetic pollution causes distress within our own bodies and leads to insomnia, nervous tensions and even burn-outs. Sitting for hours in front of a computer or leaving your phone turned on while you sleep is the worst thing you can do to yourself. This unnatural electromagnetic radiation needs to be kept to the minimum especially at night. Therefore turn off all electronic devices at night. Don’t watch TV or spend time in front of a computer at least 2 hours before you go to sleep and you will soon see how much your life will improve.

4. Natural light
We are organic beings and do need natural light for well-being as much as plants do. Spending days, weeks in closed property is as unhealthy as being a heavy smoker. Every cell in the body longs for sunlight and fresh air. Therefore try to get out as much as possible take a small walk when you make a break and move the energy within your body. If you can move your desk to a window or change your bulbs into natural lights that will help you a lot when you need to work inside all day.

5. Surround yourself with Plants
Plants do not only clean the air but also absorb small particles on an electromagnetic level that does influence our well-being. Before you buy plants for your home you should make sure that they are not toxic and if you can watch out for plants with round or smooth foliage. Hard and sharp edges do increase the amount of sha-qi which is not beneficial for a healthy home. Also blooming flowers do bring beneficial energy to your home the best would be if they are still alive and keep on growing rather than cut flowers. Everything that is alive transports more benevolent Qi energy.

written by Julie

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