Our Nature – Poem by Jay Kumar

Trudging through the once grand palace of concrete, vines Sprouting this way and that Cracks in the aged stone hiding the so-called magnificence of this once great land This civilization bit the dust Thinking of a time where we lived only on the land, Greenery surrounding us, Only can we read in books. For it is no more We tried to shut it out And now it behind to overtake Like the vines cracking through the concrete ruins. Let us embrace this! Not shut it out It is who we are.. Let us be at peace, like the monk, one with his surroundings All the technology in the world means nothing… If we sell ourselves out to attain it Slowly the wilderness takes back over.. Until the ruins of concrete are no more, Than sand and dust which crack and crumble beneath our feet Waterfalls gush into ponds and lakes As fish swim excitedly Animals and humans living together In our home, that is the wilderness We are at peace again… We are one..

featured image by – jakubkowalczyk.deviantart.com

One thought on “Our Nature – Poem by Jay Kumar”

  1. Amazing poem :’) really captures the essence and importance of nature in a poetic and beautiful way. I really love this. Look forward to reading more of your work! 🙂

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