Cecil the lion – Are we all guilty?

I am still traumatized and try to fish for the right words to express what I feel. I read the articles about Cecile, the lion that has been killed by an American dentist. Shocked, hurt, horrified I find myself asking if that guy really does belong to the human race? How can people do such things? Unable to believe that this guy really is from this earth plane. I still can’t believe that someone is able to do such an awful thing and smile happily after in a camera. What is wrong with these people? Asking myself if they have a heart, a soul, or anything that makes them human?

Afterwards I read through the comments just below the article and found myself in a state of real desperation. I read things like: ”This guy should be punished and slowly been killed! He is a murder, I wish they would hunt him as well no matter with what kind of weapon! They should slaughter him and let him just rot in the desert of Africa”
Again and again I read through the article and the comments, trying to understand what was going on here. Being horrified is one thing but wishing another ones death is as horrible as killing a lion. There is no difference. Scared by the hate, the heartlessness that comes from these people’s mouth and their hearts. Of course I am hurt and horrified that people go on hunts and kill innocent animals just for egoistic reasons. But on the other hand side I am even more horrified that other people comment on such an event and wish their fellow-man should be killed as well. In this moment I was very close to lose my belief in mankind.

How can someone be horrified and angry at something and in the next moment wish the same thing to someone who did it? In my opinion that doesn’t make me a better person nor does it change anything, furthermore it makes me as worse as them. Are we on our way back to “an eye for an eye” and “violence can only be justified with violence”? Yes rage makes blind but its time for us to open our eyes!!!

No longer we should be blinded by hate, no longer we should look in another direction because we don’t want to face the truth that there is something going wrong in this world. We are all part of the problem and we are all part of the solution as well!!!

Today I went out for lunch and I had a burger. Normally I am a vegetarian but only for today I felt like having some meat. I did not feel guilty nor like a murder, just afterwards when I was sitting in the silence and thoughts entered my mind, it came to me. Thinking about Cecile, the guy, the comments and suddenly I felt like pointing the finger at myself saying: “You have eaten meat! You are a murder!” And I did, I ate meat and at this moment I haven’ t even thought about it.
But an animal had to be killed, only so that I could to have it for lunch today. I was so unaware, I ate it and felt alright afterwards because I had no personal relationship to the animal. I was raised this way, people eat burgers, steaks, meat everyday, millions over millions of kilo and no one says anything about it.

No one blames the butchers, the slaughterhouses nor the companies who keep all the cows, pigs, chickens whatsoever in narrow cages, till the day has come when they need to be killed, so that we can have our burgers, steaks, breakfast eggs etc. No one cares, no one says a thing but when someone kills a lion, we are horrified, hurt and wish this person death.

This cruelty, this brutal, heartless behaviour is not something that exists only in certain humans, furthermore it is located in all of us but we hide it behind unawareness or unconsciousness. We walk through this world as we were blind for all the things we don’t want to see or address. We eat meat, buy cheap stuff from China and we are consuming more than we would ever need in a lifetime.

I am not saying, that it is ok what happened but I want to say, it’s easy to point the finger at someone else. Blaming the wrong, the bad, the horrible and heartless in others but not within ourselves. When we pass by the homeless people and not even look at them when they ask us for some change. When we have our burgers and buy our cheap stuff made in China even we know that these products are not made under human rights conditions. When we judge our fellow-man because they do not look or act the way we would them want to. This is because looking in our own backyard is so much more difficult.
I wonder if all the people who wished the dentist death are vegetarians? If all of them are only buying organic stuff and no things that are made in China?

The event with Cecile can be a big wake up call for all of us. A wake up call that we become more aware that we have changed and we do not want anyone killing lions in Africa for fun. But also a wake up call, to point the finger at ourselves and have an honest look where we can improve.
Are we still buying stuff from China because its cheap? Do we know how many children work in China for the stuff we buy today in the supermarket for less? Are we aware of the impact we could make, if we would deny genetic modified food, cheap clothing made in India or not choose the next smart phone? Or decide only to buy local?

We are running around in a world in which cheap is king and the more we consume the better. We are not even aware of what we eat and most of us don’t even care. We complain about the government but we are too lazy to change ourselves but when a dentist kills a well-known lion we are all horrified and wish him to death.

I really want to know what is wrong with us? Are we awake or we still dreaming of a better world? Do we still give the power to other people and let them make the decisions for us? Are we going to claim our power to raise our voice and make a conscious decision, so we can be the change we want to see in the world?

May Cecile be our wake up call to remind us, that we urgently need to take a look within our own hearts and see if everything is alright with the choices we make!!!

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