Why I think that Richard Branson deserves every penny he owns…

We are living in very controversial times as we have reached a peak on our materialistic level at the same time our relationship to money couldn’t be worse. People are moaning and groaning that everything is getting more expensive especially in the western world and still people spend more money on useless things than ever before. We never ever consumed and produced more on this planet than in the century we are living now. And still somehow most of us do feel a lack of abundance. How is that possible?

We run around and try to fill an inner void with useless activities. Spend more time in front of TV and Computer than with our friends. We need to have the newest Iphone and Playstation and what the media says is more important to us than what we feel ourselves.

Many people uncertain about what the future will hold are focusing on everything that is wrong in the world, our banksystem is ready to crash, rich people are getting richer each day and the grass is always greener on the other side anyway. This kind of negative focusing does not make you rich nor does it make you happy or feel abundant. The future for sure is different from today and always will be but what we need to understand that we are an active part of it. We create our future, we can create the change we want to see in the world.

This motto follows a man who is one of the richest persons in the world throughout his lifetime. Many people look at Richard Bransons wealth and say things like: “Oh he made it! He has no worries in life! I would love to know his secret!” There are millions of people asking for marketing strategies, tips, tricks whatsoever….!

The belief if we only had more money, all of our problems would be solved and worries would belong to the past. Then we could drive bigger cars, live in bigger houses, wear more expensive clothing and our children could go to the best universities to become even richer. This is for most of us what counts and acts as an inner driving force that leads us to burn-out, depression and a void that can not be filled at anytime.

images12345I believe that Richard Branson follows something that most of us have totally forgotten about. When he dropped out of school at the age of 16 to run his own Student Magazine to make aware of the Vietnam war that was present in that time. In this moment he never had in mind to be so wealthy one day furthermore he had an inner desire that he wanted to change the world. He wanted to play an active part in this world and help to create a better future.

Making a difference. Raising awareness. Change.

The fire of idealism burnt and still burns in his heart. Something inside of him, made him believe that he can make a difference, that he can inspire others if he would only believe in himself. So he did. He started doing what he loved with conviction and passion. He listened to what he felt inside no matter what others may say. Ready to prove everyone wrong.

Richard Branson is a dreamer, a visionary and an adventurer. His fuel for life is his restless enthusiasm for new adventures, the longing to strive for more and to challenge himself. Along his path he created several companies, the most important and famous one is Virgin. He started off with a music label and sold records to friends and years later he found himself being the owner of the world most famous record label. His path has not been easy and he learnt and grew. I love his quote “Every success story is a tale of constant adaptation, revision and change”. This is not a 10 step be successful and earn millions advice furthermore that is the secret of all life.

Life is about growing, about learning, about letting go, to grow again.

For me Richard Branson deserves every penny he owns as he just discovered the secret of life and stepped into his own power. With this power came a lot of responsibility and he uses in a way that shows so much integrity, effort and love for the world that I have rarely seen with many rich people. Richard Branson is someone who believes in the good in others, someone who helps others to grow, gives others a second chance. He invests a lot of his money into different charities, renewable energy, companies he believes in, he looks after his staff and does everything to make them stay, he employes ex-prisoners who would never get a second chance on the labor market. Together with Nelson Mandela, Graca Machel, Peter Gabriel he found “The Elders”. An independent group of global leaders who work together for peace and human rights chaired by Kofi Anan. He probably does million other things that do feel right for him to make a lasting difference for all of us. He shares and he cares, he never thought he would be better than anyone elses.

No, I don,t believe that money destroys your character but I believe that it is very much about yourself. Who you are, what you are doing and what you believe in. Abundance comes from the inside and will express itself on the outside at some point. For me Richard Branson is someone I would like to look up because of the lasting fire that burns in his soul.
A fire that is convinced that you can change the world and everyone can do it in their terms.

We all can learn a lot from him, it’s not all about the money but it is about your vision, your compassion, you effort and the belief in yourself.

“If you get the inside right the rest will fall into place.”

Thank you Richard for making such a difference in the world!!!


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