A Past Life Regressionists Diary – Part 1

My name is Sukirat Kaur Bahra and I am a Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist at Blossom of the Soul. My work is my passion and I really love what I do. Being a Past Life Regressionist is a bit of being an adventurer I never know where my work will take me nor what my client is going to explore. Over the years I regressed many people from different backgrounds, education, belief system, races and sexes. All of them have different stories to tell and some of them are even worthy to share with you as I do believe there is a message within them that is definetly important for all of us.
For this reason I created the idea of the Past Life Regressionists Diary. A series of interesting articles, stories and news about my work and my exploration in other areas, dimensions, souls, spirits, entities and energies.

Life is a journey and it does not end with our physical existence as there are realms in which we enter after we have left this earthly experience. This first dimension I would like to call Soul-Side (where the soul recognizes itself) but there are many different names for it.
Some of us might return immediately, others take some time and some of us might never come to earth again. But all of us/them are still carrying around the memories of their experiences, reasons what brought them here to earth and what they have done before they came here.
Let me invite you to take this journey with me and it might brighten your horizon as it did mine.

Foot Prints (part 1)

IMG_9423I always prepare myself very accurate for my sessions as I like to know what the process will be like and what I or my clients wants to achieve. Like other days I was fully prepared and ready for the regression session that was going to take place after few hours. I had my scripts ready in my hands and questions written down in front of me but somehow this day was going to be different I thought.
I could just sense that this time something would take place that I have not experienced before. Through my work I learnt always to be open-minded and see what will happen as you never know which route will open up once you on the road. But this time I had this feeling upfront, an urge, a pressure in my solar plexus chakra and suddenly I heard a voice within me saying: “Lay your script down. You won’t need it today.” I was irritated not sure what to do but I decided to listen to what I was told and placed my script aside.
The session went on for two hours, undoubtedly this was the most amazing session I ever had, it brought me closer to myself and I still have to think about it, it triggered something deep within me that I have not expected. Normally I am very distant and neutral with my clients but this time I was able to catch a glimpse of the universal magic.

I led my client into her past life and she experienced different things that when suddenly a feeling overcame me that I wanted to go further. I wanted to go to the other side with her and see what it has to offer. Not knowing where this was coming from I just went on and did as it popped into my mind.
I had this strong desire that I wanted to know where her soul came from. I have to say that I had several sessions before in which I explored the Soul Side of people but this was a very interesting one. I had sessions in which people told me that they would come from other planets, being Starseeds, or a part of God’s light. Some people talked about the Source and the Origin of all being in the ether and some did not know anything.
But with this client it was different, so I asked her where her soul would originally belong and to my surprise the answer was “I always have been here, I belong to the Earth”.
I took a breath for a moment. This answer was so unexpected that I had to pause for a moment and felt what it stirred up in me. It felt very intense, very deep and somehow so close.
As my client told me she would belong to earth and has been here many times again and again. When I asked her who she would be with on the other side she was interacting with the wise souls of the earth (who are older than her).
I was numb and quiet for few minutes, I had no questions in my mind but then again a voice within me told me that this would be a good opportunity to gather information about the Earth from her.
I requested the wise Earth spirit guides to guide me and tell me more about what they had to share. The Wise Earth guides told me that they could teach us to learn ways that would help me and others to connect to planet earth, how the earth operates and what it is made of. I was guided through an interesting concept on the first step of how to connect and I want to share this in part 2 of my writings called “FootPrints”.

Earth is a living entity, and it is our duty to nurture, love, care of her. It is sad that not many of us are aware that earth is a living entity, they are so engulfed with their own life that the entity we live on is ignored. I believe its high time to realise that we need to respect and think seriously about our Earth. Time to express and feel gratitude, respect, compassion for her, she has taken care of humanity and every living organism from eons and if we want this to continue we should return this favour.

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