Wisdom of the Womb – 5Rhythms Dance Workshop for Women

“When I look in to your eyes I see the stars, the moon and the sun. The whole of existence is reflected in your smile. Your warmth and gentleness are inviting me to step closer. I am fascinated, your skin is so soft and holding me tight. Your hands provide shelter, healing and rescue when I need it the most. Your lips speaking a thousand words full of comfort and desire. The desire to create and longing to express all that is. All that lies deep within you. You were given the wisdom of the universe. Your body is a symbol of love and life-giving force. You are a perfect creation of God. You are the mother, the sister, the daughter, a friend. The lover, a carer, my saint. The goddess, a priestess, the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in the world. You are a woman.”

– Unknown


How many of us do really know how beautiful they are? And allowing themselves to express this beauty? Beauty lies not only on the outside furthermore real beauty comes from within. It lies deep down in our very own selves. Love, compassion and understanding are only a few feminine qualities we have to offer. But exactly the expression of these qualities do make us to the most beautiful beings here on earth. By celebrating our own femininity we offer ourselves and the world the opportunity to step into the dance of life. For this reason Katarzyna Pugowska has created something very special, the “Wisdom of the Womb” 5Rhythm Series for women.

An invitation to all women to embody their feminine expression via dance. An absolutely timeless experience to return to your very own being, your personal existence and the depth of your soul.
Together we will explore ourselves using the 5Rhythms map (Flowing, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical, Stillness) and what it means to be a woman. Gentle movements and free expression allowing enough space to be exactly where you are and who you are without any judgements.
5Rhythm Dance gives you the opportunity to lose and find yourself through free body movement and music.
Why not giving birth to new ideas and possibilities while embody them through your very own way of dancing?
Katarzyna Pugowska will help you to shift your energy from the old to the new, the real you and assists in finding the beauty that lies deep within. Explore your Wisdom of the Womb and see what it has to offer.

The next workshop of the “Wisdom of the Womb” series for women is held on the 26th July in London and is called “AbunDance”.

AbunDance 2

“We will be practicing how to slow down and to be where we are, exploring how to tolerate the intense energy that comes with feeling relaxed and powerful. We will practice forms that allow the our weight to settle and spirit to rise, reminding ourselves to enjoy and relish our fullness. Stop for a while and appreciate where we are. Enjoy the experience instead of always hurrying to the next thing.

It is an invitation to join our one of summer open workshop. We will meet to celebrate our fullness of expression in all shapes and forms. Slim or voluptuous, slow or fast, tender or edgy, in love or out of love. We will dance and share the abundance that springs when we are in connection with our womb, led by our heart and contained by the boundary of our body.”
– Kat

IMG_4331-B&WlowresKatarzyna Pugowska is a Certified 5Rhythms Heartbeat Level I Teacher and was born in Poland. She has been dancing and practicing 5Rhythms for seventeen years now. She has a Degree (BA hon.)in Pedagody of Health ( spec. creative Arts Therapy) as well as Diploma of Alternative Psychology. She is a member of PPA, teaches 5Rhythms in London and abroad, as well as works as an art/dance therapist. She is passionate about her art and uses oil paintings as her self expression.

To book your place or receive more information please contact Kat on:

Email: bodyminder.eu@googlemail.com
Mobile: 07886935716

The next Wisdom of the Womb Workshops 2015 will be held on:

15th November – Trust


– Chosen three workshops: £165
– Chosen two workshops: £125
– One off workshop £65

Booking made by sending non-refundable deposit of £65 (£50 for a one off workshop booking).

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