About Transition

written by Julie

“In the space between chaos and shape there was another chance.”

– Jeanette Winterson

I want to dedicate these thoughts, especially to three people who reached out and shared their personal story of transition with me. (- You know who you are! R, M, R)

I would like to thank you for your trust and the inspiration I found in your stories, so I might be able to hand my thoughts out to everyone who is in the same situation at the moment. That someone who is in need of some comfort, understanding and guidance during this very special phase in life. Keep going, you are nearly there!

Transition describes a passage or a state of being, maybe circumstances that could be seen as in between. The space between worlds, the stillness between the old and the new. A very special place, where there is no wind, or rain, no sun or blue sky. It is just as it is and holds within all that has ever been and all that is yet to come. A part of nothingness with the potential of all possibilities at the same time. I meet you there.

Through our lives we pass through different stages. From one position to the next, from one place to another, from one state of being into the next. This is a natural law and it does affect everyone and everything. We more than often been asked to progress even if we don´t want to, but life is calling us. Into another direction, another purpose or to change our concept. We are asked to give up the old, that we can grow into the new. Sometimes it is our decision to do so, sometimes it just happens and even somehow we always knew it, but we ignored it. Suddenly we are there, to be asked to let go. Leave it all behind and step into the unknown. During those times we often feel very vulnerable, we walk in little baby steps as somehow we not sure where we going to. We often not sure if we progress at all, as it doesn ´t feel like so.

Depending on your personal circumstances the state of transition can be experienced differently and more than often is followed by one or more of these emotions: fear, anxiety, guilt, shame, blame, self-doubts, but also joy, release and excitement. It is a shift of energies and happens all the time, everyday, but so subtle that we hardly aware of it.

If you go through the stage of transition at the moment, I would like to invite you to experience this very special state of being in nature. As on a very profound basis, transition takes place everyday when the sunrises and the sunsets, When the yin energy changes into the yang to become the yin again. Night is followed by day is followed by night and so on. It is a natural rhythm, such as the sun rises in the morning, reaches its peak and then slowly sets down over the afternoon till it disappears in the evening. So transition and change takes place everyday all the time and it is not a fixed term. Furthermore it is a movement. When was the last time you have taken some time to watch a sunrise, or sunset? When was the last time you spend some time at the sea and saw the ebb and flow playing their endless game of coming and going? Becoming and letting go?

In our personal lives, transition can be experienced in days, weeks or even years. A slow process of growing out of the old into the new you. Its seems as suddenly we need more space, or less, more inspiration, energy or less. It does not matter if you expand or reduce, it is always a change of the old into the new.
You might decided to quit your job, because you don´t like it, you want more free time, but you have not found a new one yet. This time can be really scary. As our minds or ego longs for security, safety, for the so-called known.
You might just stopped an addictive behaviour and you still feel that wanting to be high and numb. You are frustrated as you are not totally free yet. Or you feel so scared as suddenly all the emotions that have been suppressed for such a long time are coming to the surface.
You might split up with your partner and thought you have gone through it all. Suddenly something makes you feel frightened, that you might never be able to find love again.
You might have gone through financial struggles, now you back on track, but you still got racing thoughts about, what if this happens again?
Our disconnected minds are desperately projecting the future, judging the past and not able to rest in the now. But our soul knows better, our soul is connected to the natural rhythms of nature.

Breath! Stop for a moment! Transition takes time. Digesting the experienced, stepping slowly into the new you is a process. Even if you chose to be happy from now on, it doesn´t work from one day to the other. Be patient with yourself!

Growing passes through critical moments, the moment when you slightly fall back into old belief systems, patterns and behaviours. When you struggle, stumble, you nearly fall and in the last moment you don´t. Because history does not always repeat itself, especially if we decided not to do so. Growth holds within the opportunity of change, the change for the better. If you decide to take it on. You need to be the change, you need to make it happen, but in between, find some rest in the state of transition.
The transition state is there for a reason: To reflect, observe, not to judge. Let it be there, just as it is. You don´t need to wish it any different, the past won´t change. Embrace it in all the pain, the despair, the hopelessness and negativity. It was there for a reason, you might don´t see it yet. Stop asking, don´t look for logical answers. Furthermore accept it. Let it go. Step into the emptiness of the unknown.
Call it void, blankness, emptiness or bareness. Allow it to empty you. And then allow it to fill you. Be silent. Be still. Feel. Experience. Stop for a moment, breath, hold on and then let it go.
In this state, there are no plans to be made. No decisions to take. No options to choose from. It is the state of nothingness. The silence between the old and the new you. The space between one world and another. Allow yourself to float around, to be carried by the promise that there is a new dawn, just waiting for you. But for now, its time to heal. Let existence heal you.

Just be.

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