What actually Hypnosis is ?

by Sukirat Kaur Bahra

There are many misconceptions about Hypnosis. It has always been associated with entertainment on stage and television. Hypnosis isn’t mind control and a person who gets hypnotised isn’t under anyone’s power. Hypnosis is neither a scientific tool that can be only used by physicians or people with high academic degrees, because degrees do not guarantee ethics.

Hyonosis is altered state of mind. Every Hypnosis is self hypnosis. It is a state of relaxation, concentration in which conscious is detached from everyday cares and concerns, it helps in removing fear and revealing the fact that the person is the one with the power. Hypnosis helps to change the habit pattern , become self motivated.
During Hypnosis a person can focus on things he/she wants to change, free from critical or anxious thoughts. During the process the person is neither sleeping nor unconscious. It let things happen through subconscious mind, rather than using conscious mind . Because the person is so relaxed, it is open to suggestions.

Hypnosis occurs everyday, it is focusing of mind in a relaxed state . Very common example is , when we are watching T.V or reading a book , and a person walks in the room , we are totally unaware by the presence of the person. This state is known as ‘Light Hypnosis’ . During light hypnosis the control is taken over by subconscious, but If suddenly anything happens , the control is handed over to conscious mind. Day dreaming is also light hypnosis.

The question arises, is Hypnosis a natural state of mind?

There are exceptions, like,a person can go under altered state of consciousness, consuming drugs or alcohol. So, all hypnosis is self hypnosis. We can not hypnotise anyone without their consent .
Under Hypnosis some people feel relaxed, enjoyable, body feels heavier, other may feel nothing.

At the end , hypnosis isn’t weird. A person remains in complete control and is not under therapist’s control , a person can not be made to do anything without his/her consent , the mind will accept change if it is safe to do.

Sukirat Kaur Bahra is a hypnotist and specialized in Past Life Regressionist. More information about her work and her services will you find here.

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